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    22 replies to "💧💀 DIMIR INVOKE CONTROL | Standard MTG Arena"

    • CovertGoBlue

      I guess playmats are gone, thank you, RIP all the intros for the next week

    • cameron Johnson

      These kinds of decks are just out right annoying. I am curious about something I've noticed about your deck building strageties..why do you only put 1 of a card in your deck . Out of 60 cards it's not likely for you to pull that 1 card. It also looks like you're picking specific cards so you can play against specific decks… is this true ?

    • Anon Amos

      This deck looks vile. I wanna play it

    • Jeremy Ziemann

      Love your stuff, as always my number one channel for magic

    • mich

      Thanks for keeping Siphon Soul alive! I love this deck!!! Had to comment on the Soul deck. I cut 1 Soul actually for 1 Go blank (and 1 jiswari for 1 celeste)

    • A F

      This is why control players should be burned at the stake.

    • Даниил Шевцов

      Oh, no! No secret word on searchbar!

    • Arthur Benhamou

      Small tip : add lessons to your side deck in casee you siphon learn cards :p

    • immakiku

      This one is pure fun. I can hear the lamentation of my opponents over the broken client audio.

      Trip report – one game I saw my opponent ran some aggro discard (Elderfang/Acquisitions Expert/cheap black aggro). After I dealt with those I saw the opponent just holding five cards in hand while playing lands, turn after turn. No idea what he was going for so I left mana open each turn. Halfway through the game I took a look with Dread Fugue and saw:
      – 2 Mindflayer
      – 3 Grafted Identity
      – 1 Elderfang

      It was probably my decision to take his Elderfang which prompted him to understand I had no single creature in my deck :). Next turn he started running out the Mindflayers.

      This was a prolonged session of despair for the poor guy.

    • Mason Kramer

      This deck is insanely terrible

    • James King

      I really like this deck, its alot of fun to run but I do have 1 problem with it: it just dies to tergrids lantern because it doesn't really have a way of dealing with artifacts other than counters

    • Hash Assassin

      Yo dawg, you missed a great chance to run Teach by Example

    • Matthew Reynolds

      I'm actually so happy to run into your decks in queue. Plat/Diamonds just don't seem to know how to pilot em. Had one guy dump both witness the futures into the gy to just get back invokes

    • Shawn Randall

      When you said toilet gaming at it's best I was actually on the toilet 😂 anyway I really enjoyed the deck list. Not even one creature, nice! I personally wouldn't be able to help myself and would have to fit just one Toxrill in there, and a couple hunt for specimens

    • BootiSwet

      Siphon Insight may technically be a bad card, but it's probably my favorite card in standard right now. I put this deck together and had a blast with it, but I did drop a siphon and added in a devious cover-up for more shenanigans. I also put in another hive, because diamond has been kinda full of tenacious underdogs lately.

    • Corey O'Brien

      I just finished an epic 45 minute long game where I played your White Castle deck and my opponent played this Invoke Control deck. It took 28 turns and I had only 4 cards left in my deck but White Castle narrowly came out on top. One of the most epic MTG Arena games I've ever played. White Castle v Invoke Control, absolutely wild!

    • Matthew Reynolds

      I was putting off investing in invoke despair, cause I kept having other deck ideas. With the latest set being alchemy only I got to finally catch up on cards, and I have to say, I have never had so many issues waiting for a 5 drop to hit my hand.

    • anjo exconde

      What if your opponent used test of talents and it resolves, can you still win? Haha

    • cnichoyt

      Good fun deck. I broke into mythic rank in Best of One for the first time since I started playing Arena! Yeeee-haargh!

    • Grady

      I’d watch you play this deck everyday for a year. I love it. Definitely evil CGB.

    • Jeff Zakraysek

      CGB: discards all his Black sources, plays pathway on Blue

      Also CGB: What, I can't cast this quadruple-Black card??

    • Doug Simons

      Love it! Super rude deck!!!!!!

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