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    30 replies to "5 Signs You Are Under Demonic Attack"

    • Mr. D

      wtf i tought this is a game video

    • Kim Ulm

      Everyone is under demonic attack This is a spiritual battle.Fast,pray ,meditate to connect with Divine.The carnal spirit is the lower mind that looks to the world and material things to try to satisfy the disconnection with Divine source. We all fight our lower carnal mind and demonic attacks every single day every person.

    • Karyz'ma Jenkins

      "Please HOLY TRINITY cast the devil & all unclean spirit's out of us all! In JESUS CHRIST name ALLELUIA AMEN!"
      #JESUSIsGOD #WeBelongToGOD

    • Dsyfer

      How is it someone can turn to Christ then relapse back into an addiction or another form of sinning? When does the cycle truly stop.

    • Dsyfer

      So will they always be here then?

    • elmer sawad


    • R

      It to late for me and i an already in hell because i got killed. Now things i can't see are attacking my body and i feel abd hear not but torture and fire. Each day it gets worst and my body is being controlled by something else. Things have been feeling fake. I see people transform into other people. Something on the left side if my head and my heart is being squeezed and play with behind me. No human can endure things lime this and u was a practicing muslim at the time of my demise. I recently gave my life to Christ a few months ago but it's still to late for me. Might already be in a grave.

    • Kandace Basso

      Can demon be attached to a person?

    • Dunia Maisha

      Exactly they deceive;they use the bible and quote it to their own selfish desires..
      Thank you sir-you understand the demon.
      The battle is God's and the demon is defeated already

    • Maverick

      I lost my home and all my earthly possessions by taking the advice from a financial adviser who had only self serving interests. She had no qualms about gambling with my life, it was all about control and sexual lust. I have never believed in demons, but I know now that they are real. I am 100% convinced that this woman is a demon. Evil comes in many forms, sometimes they want you to trust them. I don’t trust anyone but Christ.

    • Dunia Maisha

      I was attacked by an unclean spirit 3years ago..but God is fighting for me,sent straight from hell
      Jesus power super power satan's power powerless .the battle belongs to God

    • Dark Meta

      Can anyone help me, but not through the perspective of religion?

    • Lou Smith

      Many will hold Jesus by the right hand and lie through their teeth… The coolest of rhythm has waiting for you to listen…. Alan Collins remembers….

    • Rudy Ferrell

      Demons are the disembodied spirits of the nephilem

    • The vlog family

      This Earth is running out of time, repent of your sins and stay close to the WORD. Not everyone will go to heaven and their is a hell. John 3:16

    • Alien Demonic Deception 24

      Anyone reading this that needs spiritual help or guidance, please contact myself or the online ministry I'm a part of through my YouTube station. This is a battle each one of us are a part of. We became a part of it as soon as we were born, and especially when we chose our side of the battlefield with Jesus. Even if you don't believe in the demonic, the demonic most definitely believes in you. And for those that are dabbling with Ouija boards or tarot cards or just communication with spirits in general, just remember, that, if you peek into the demonic realm, the demonic will peek back.

    • Jessie Brownrigg

      My mom was a demonic and devil worshipping pedophile and she was abusive and evil to me and my sister our whole lives and we are still trying to recover from the trauma. She thinks because she was abusive and she never loved us and she didn't let us go to school and she treated us like we were stupid she thinks that we are stupid and she knows us and knows everything about us when she doesn't. I'm a cancer and my sister is a Pisces and our mom is an aries. We are actually really mature and intelligent people and that's something she doesn't know she really is the worst mom in the world she was abusive in every way. She was a devil worshipping pedophile. And absolutely nobody knows how she was and is till this day except for whoever is reading this. I'm 19 now. I have no friends. I live by myself in an apartment and I have the spiritual ability of telepathy and psychic abilities. I can communicate telepathically with whoever I choose to. My Intelligence is above average and I am a female

    • Tonys Pizza

      As a satanic, this is prettttty funny to watch

    • NPC Birdfeederman

      So are the microwave / psychotronic weapons those at the top use "demonic attack" weapons or are they the "refiner's fire" weapons?

    • Seth Ski

      Please keep me in your prayers I’m being tormented as well

    • John Favia

      We create demons by committing sins and not repenting, repeatedly .. over years of time. Jesus called them unclean spirits. " This kind cannot be cast out; but through prayer and fasting." In other words; It is up to you. Another person cannot cast out your own spirit. You MUST overcome that about yourself which is oppressing you. That is our curse for turning against God in Eden. We are still fighting that and always will. In other words, get over yourself. Why is it that we always seek to blame some outside source, when it is our OWN mind that is at fault?! I argue that it is not compulsion, but impulsion that we are fighting against…. I could be wrong … I hope I'm wrong .. I don't think I'm wrong.

    • Nathan Eric Schwabenland

      well my first name is Jewish believe it or not is that bad?

    • James McLellan

      I'm in deep dog do do. I'm under attack all the time, sometimes I do not react to it so well, but I am slowly learning. I am in the same situation except I don't steal, I break things everything, relationships mostly. I am on my own. Satan murdered my dad when I was 3, killed my stepdad at age 16, killed my mom (slowly) @ age 17. I then have no place to go, so I go live with my aunt and uncle who is a baptist preacher. My cousin who I lived with , worked with, & hung out with, killed himself in 1999 on 4/20/1999, it happened the same day as Columbine shooting. So, I live with a lot of guilt, even though none of that was my fault. Satan methodically cut me off from everyone. I have no idea what do do with the rest of my life. I dont drink or smoke. I have never been married or been ina relationship with anyone.

    • 2019 DE

      I've had a breakdown that left me with social anxiety and later depression, I went undiagnosed for eight years. Then, my sister developed cancer she was rid of it after a time, then it returned, during that time my mother developed throat cancer, and my father a lung condition, my sister died leaving her daughter behind, then one week later my mother passed away, fifteen months after all that, my father had a fatal heart attack, and I was left with a controlling half brother that forced me through his ways to attempt suicide three times, one resulting in hospitalisation. After that he continued to control my life. I had been making a film but he put a stop to this. time passed and I found myself as always unemployed struggling with money, having to borrow from friends to eat etc. Feeling worthless, then my PC went down, and the people that repaired it fleeced me leaving me in debt. The computer worked for only a week, I had to have it repaired by another person. then.. I got a letter from another half brother in England stating he was selling the family home, I now face homelessness and losing everything I have worked towards for 35 years. And I am currently seeing a solicitor who has passed my case over to a court lawyer regarding the sale of the house and my being told there is no estate I will inherit. On top of this. That abusive brother here with me has demanded I pay him over a thousand pounds for council tax electricity and so on. I have no money, I live day to day and am adding this with edit, I am on UC Welfare .I've been contemplating suicide again by jumping off a building up town. If all that is not caused by an evil attack I don't know what is, what's worse, is that I was so close to finishing the film that would at last have seen me obtain the life I'd dreamed of. all these events took place over the period from 2016 to 2022. If anyone can help , please advise. Regards , Peter A. Montgomery Scott.

    • Scherazade Safi

      There was a demon in our home his very large footprint was on our ceiling, wouldnt come off it faded in years,this demon would expose people by whispering in my ear once about a man's artificial foot and once the demon woke me when peeping Tom's were outside my window at 3 in the night.The demon came in my dream and said there are 2 men outside your window,when I woke up indeed there were 2 men,1 a neighbour d 2nd his worker.I was puzzled why a demon should warn me

    • TagzTv

      I need some deliverance from a demonic presence that keeps attacking me in my sleep

    • Tyler Loterbauer

      How can you be judged by the fact you were manipulated, baited, and trapped as God witnesses it. I'm confused, as I have been in a spiritual battle for over ten years, and I've been home, numerous times, and it seemed to me my demons sat in pews, and behind a pulpit. So I've continued to suffer alone, but I don't want to have too.

    • Vivian Ada

      Please am been tormented by demons and can't be saved. From morning till night am been tormented. Pls how can I be saved..

    • SonWorshipper

      The emotional torment may be my demon. I slip into anxiety and depression easily when things go wrong.

    • jawed

      Dear God, I haven't been faithful to you, I've even mocked and Doubted you, I repent from my sins please forgive me my Lord as I repent from my sins and reject the devil, please protect me and my family.


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