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dimir control steal deck in alchemy MTG arena deck guide and gameplay with commentary.

#mtg #magicthegathering #mtgcommander

3 Professor Onyx (STX) 83
3 Blood on the Snow (KHM) 79
4 Shipwreck Marsh (MID) 267
4 Clearwater Pathway (ZNR) 260
4 Ice Tunnel (KHM) 262
2 Rogue Class (AFR) 230
4 Geistchanneler (Y22) 17
3 Deadly Dispute (AFR) 94
4 Eyetwitch (STX) 70
4 Shambling Ghast (AFR) 119
3 Discover the Formula (Y22) 15
2 Witness the Future (VOW) 90
2 The Celestus (MID) 252
1 The Meathook Massacre (MID) 112
3 Hero’s Downfall (VOW) 120
6 Snow-Covered Island (KHM) 278
6 Snow-Covered Swamp (KHM) 281
3 Key to the Archive (Y22) 59

2 Environmental Sciences (STX) 1
1 Confront the Past (STX) 67
1 Teachings of the Archaics (STX) 57
1 Pest Summoning (STX) 211
2 Introduction to Annihilation (STX) 3

    15 replies to "An ARMY Of Child Thiefs And 1 Mistress, This Might Shock You – Dimir Steal – MTG Alchemy"

    • MTG Arena Original Decks

      this was fine and extremely fun
      like and sub

    • Dan the ghost man

      you dont lose rank after losing 3 games after you rank up thats how i reached diamond

    • jennifer harrison

      This video was so much better on mute volume 0

    • Brandon

      Lying thumbnail! I was prepared to drop $100 on a nun waifu card but NO

    • chaosmastermind

      Yeah 13 lands out of 20 cards drawn… that's a 65% land draw ratio.
      24 lands out of 60 is a 40% land draw ratio. Wizards is adding the other 25%.

    • Nicx778

      Lol adventure decks after Jeff Hoogland

    • ChickenMcThiccken

      i just figured out. alchemy is core 2022

    • FaLLenVindex

      anyone know the artist of the thumbnail art?

    • Amarauk

      Tell me more about the thumbnail…

      Purely for academic purposes ofc

    • Riser DeservesBetter

      What can I say
      Baited and I dont even feel guilty

    • Wyland Reed

      Nothing makes me happier than watching a Mill deck get wrecked, but watching a Mill deck get wrecked by its own curse.. priceless..

    • V1Sh

      I'm here with our Sensei from the very beginning. He still doesn't know what cards do and doesn't bother to read. Stability, force of will and undisputed dominance. Domo arigato, Sensei.

    • Andy Boring

      Quite a run on turning out a video every day. I look forward to seeing what you cook up to break the game. Hope you are ok and just took a day off.

    • iMperViuM

      For anyone who wants the sauce: necronomicon by denn18art

    • Blue Bear

      You remind me of legend mtg

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