What gives this star-filled night its haunting power? A doomed painter’s madness or a carefully planned strategy?
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    • NickVenture1
    • Cpremi

      “Lunatic asylum”? Yeah im not even gonna bother with the rest of this

    • xtremenortherner

      "He painted this…, a year before, he killed himself?? (0:43) No wonder its such an intense painting!
      PS: I think the interpretation's wrong…,to me, this shows the dazzling beauty of the night sky w/ the moon & stars…, doesn't strike me as "angry". Van Gogh's genius lies in his ability to capture the emotional impact of a scene, as well as its visual…,

    • Javid Ahmadi

      Thank you :X

    • Shoot for Love

      Amazing! Thank you!

    • Hermes

      that fucking streetlight gave me a heart attack

    • Stef Toha

      Interesting video… Read also an interview with Vincent (imaginary) at stenote.blogspot.com Hope you like it.

    • Zazapower

      Why is the commentary so bloody pretentious? It's not a voice acting job ,,,. it takes away from the Art. I would rather watch it without the sound. Sorry to be blunt but, this affected voice drives me insane in theatre and more so in Art presentations. This is why I rarely get listening devices at Museums.

    • John Castle

      I read somewhere he actually didn't think this was a success ,as it was done from his imagination ,more from Gauguin influence ,he wasn't insane but he was an extremely physical hard worker and intelligent man ,people don't really understand how tough people used to be.

    • Adam Heredia

      insanity and inteligence are independent. his cross hatch techniques come from his study and exposition to the pen and ink drawings from books pamphlets and newspapers of his day, there is absolutely no insanity here, only some viewer's insanely insights

    • Audio Electric

      HAHAHA.. Even videos on art get people fighting and reverting to elementary insults.. gotta love the inter web "I'm smarter than you" "No you're stupid, I'm smart"

    • Tony Danis

      Talkie, talkie, talkie…Sorry, don't buy this interpretation…doesn't stand out as convincing…the elucidator seems to completely dismiss the effect of Van Gogh's altered state of mind on his work.
      A dry, lifeless dissertation…………..

    • Canal Educatif à la Demande

      You have one piece of evidence at 6:20
      You can find more by looking at "Influence of Japanese art on Van Gogh": this is pretty well documented on the web

    • Arun

      Hi, was Van Gogh influenced by japanese art? If so can you reference some evidence

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