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** If you have any information about Sandra Hughes, please contact the Madera County Sheriff’s Office — (559) 675-7770

Time Stamp:
#1 — “Blue” — 1:14 — Baffling disappearance from 2020 takes a spooky turn in 2021…

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Music by: @CO.AG Music

Intro video by :
Tiktok @mr.poopnite
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    16 replies to "Blue haired woman TERRIFIES authorities"

    • MrBallen

      Happy Father’s Day!!

    • Malcolm Menzies

      Her blue thumb knew. For unknow yet bat reasons fun. 💜🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿About six wheels and another go at her hills.

    • Jack Williams

      Everyone: “Wow, that was such a chilling story, you have fantastic content”

      Me: wheezing at the grenade launcher joke

    • Triana Foxwood

      I hope a talented psychic can move her spirit on. Nobody should be stuck as a ghost. This is a very sad story.

    • Albert

      2 weeks turned to 3 years

    • ♡White_Wolf♡

      Wow hearing about covid like this makes me like… old but not like covid is in the past it's so weird that in ten or more years it'll be a small thing in the past well no small but ya'know

    • Onno Quinten

      in 50 years you can tell the story of how the plandemic signaled the beginning of the end of the free world

    • suzi crossley

      Could it not be a bear who had all things strewn

    • Stephanie Keith

      Out of the mouths of Babes! They and animals have an open heart and spirit.

    • Evelyn Moya

      why he always turned his head to the right side. I wonder how many flannel shirts he owns? I love his story telling. 🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃🙃

    • hekate

      I think that title is a news article

    • Haley Thomas

      He said crackers not cookies

    • Florian Meystre

      One of the most chilling episode! What freaks me out is that it didn’t happen like 50-60 years ago… it’s so recent!

    • Filyre

      Sounds like Sandra died and her ghost haunts the forests around that area. The area's bigger than normal because she still has her wilderness survival skills as a ghost and it allows her to travel farther than other ghosts! 😀

    • Jim Ursida

      thank you for the content

    • Corinne Deyoung

      Sounds like he spoke to her spirit and she might be stuck in a cave opening upside down. Or something.

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