Celesta’22, IIT Patna is gratified to extend a gracious welcome to Anil Kakodkar. He became the Director of BARC in the year 1996 and was the Chairman, Atomic Energy Commission and Secretary to the Government of India, Department of Atomic Energy, during the years 2000 -2009.

Mr. Kakodkar has been a key contributor to India’s strategic programme. On May 18, 1974, he was one of the chosen few who participated in India’s first successful Peaceful Nuclear Explosion Experiment at Pokhran. Later, in May 1998, he played a key role in a series of successful nuclear tests conducted at Pokhran. Under Kakodkar’s guidance, India also demonstrated nuclear submarine powerpack technology. Throughout his professional career, Kakodkar has pushed to advance India’s atomic energy programme. His work is centred on developing nuclear reactor systems that are self-sufficient in order to meet the needs of the Indian programme. Undeterred by the restrictions imposed by the international community, he succeeded in developing various systems for the pressurised heavy water reactor.

He has created a roadmap for shaping the third stage of India’s nuclear power programme aimed at tapping the vast energy potential of our thorium resources not only as a source for electricity production but also as a primary source for other forms of energy use.

We are blessed to have such an outstanding leader and scientist with a passion for developing technologies for clean energy as a part of our Guest Lecture Series.

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