Many countries are racing to vaccinate their populations against the coronavirus amid fears that the highly transmissible delta variant could spark another COVID wave and overwhelm health systems.

Scientists have predicted that the delta variant could account for 90% of all new cases in Europe by the end of August. However, evidence shows that the spread of the delta variant is cause for caution — but not panic.


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    23 replies to "COVID-19: Should we be scared of virus variants? | COVID-19 Special"

    • DW News

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    • tiffsaver

      How many people have died from a variant??

    • Bob Lazar

      Before 2019, it was known as соммои соld

    • sanesaint

      Read what it says on Stonehenge nobody knows who put it up so they say but there's something very important written on it

    • t

      Yep and next we have the Sodom variant followed by the Gomora variant then the Deluge! Mmmmmmm that patent is up and running in the background WO2020060606 – CRYPTOCURRENCY SYSTEM USING BODY ACTIVITY DATA …

    • Lile Stojković II

      Corona shows us all weakness of capitalist systems across the world


      More better we pray and we hope

    • Rob Little

      Notice how the virus was circulating for about a year then suddenly as vaccines were rolling out variants suddenly appeared 🤔

    • Jaime Martinez

      It's strange that virus mutations only occurs in countries with a high percentage of vaccinated population like India, UK,Brazil & Sudafrica.

    • i᷾nfinity

      im too tired of.

    • amy mascara

      Does anyone else out there feel like a yo-yo?

    • dir gsuite

      No compulsory vaccination = no herd immunity = no return to normal life. With Delta and next mutations on the way, it has become that simple. All or nothing, time to make choices.


      The end of western civilization.

    • ariehdo

      Those so called vaccines does not protect you. So they call out a new variant. LOL🤪🤪

    • Darth Vader

      they using fear to control people

    • patriot koblensky


    • Hunter Gameson


    • Brian Mitchell

      I am so scared I better put on a body condom wear 4 masks all while staying in my home NOT

    • Josh Nocera

      Yes. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • Sakar Pandey

      Not effective enough

    • Francisco Figueira

      For More Critical Information
      thecovidblog dot com

    • gianni paladini

      This comment may also be of interest to English-speaking friends

      “From the collection of news on the "pandemic".

      News n. 11 – Hydroxychloroquine

      Already at the beginning of the "pandemic", also due to the culpable absence of an updated Pandemic Plan, our health system was collapsing and some patients were even abandoned in their homes. As I have already reported in another comment, some doctors, in the Milanese area and elsewhere, then decided to intervene promptly with home care before the situation of Covid patients became irreversible. The intervention protocol also provided for the use of hydroxychloroquine, which was then not recommended by AIFA but supported, among others, by the great French virologist Didier Raoult. Following the successes recorded by these doctors in the early treatment of the disease, AIFA allowed the use of chloroquine for "suspected" cases of Covid.

      Since then, a relentless fight against chloroquine has begun, also fueled by regime fact-checkers, culminating on May 22, 2020 with the publication in the prestigious journals "The Lancet" and "New England Journal and Medicine" of two studies that demolished both chloroquine, even declaring the drug dangerous for the health of patients. The studies, which were based on data collected, digitized and processed by “Surgisphere”, a company founded in 2008 by a character named Sapan Desai, proved to be completely false and the two journals were forced to withdraw them. In an article of 4 June 2020 published by the Guardian, entitled "Covid19: Lancet retracts paper that halted hydroxychlofoquine trials" there is an account of the story. However, the damage had now been done. In fact AIFA, as if waiting for nothing else, after the publication of those "studies" was quick to ban the drug, and still, despite the proven falsity of those same studies, has maintained and still maintains the ban, which is also contained in his infamous note on "watchful waiting", the subject of an administrative judicial proceeding still in progress.

      Not only that, trials and randomized studies, as well as the enrollment of patients for clinical trials, have been stopped in many countries, although many doctors in Italy continue to successfully use chloroquine in protocols for "timely" home care. of Covid patients.

      While awaiting the developments of the legal matter, it remains to be asked why certain subjects still unknown induced an unscrupulous doctor to pack up false data to boycott the experimentation of an anticovid drug. On the other hand, as I have already shown in news n. 4 on Adenosine, it is not the first time that the experimentation of a possible anticovid drug has been hit by an unjustified and suspected ostracism, even if in the case of Adenosine, albeit with less resonance, the lie about the drug came directly from the Ministry of Health and by AIFA itself.

      I conclude by recalling again that all possible Covid cures were opposed by our health bodies in a period in which the anticovid vaccines did not yet exist and that one of the conditions for the experimental authorization of the same vaccines was the lack of alternative treatments against the disease.

    • Ismail Hussin

      It looks like this viruses are here to stay for a while. Looks like we have to live with it. So the main thing is to boost your immunity not only through vaccination but living a healthy lifestyle.

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