Criticism for foreign land ownership bill. A Thai man cooks and eats a wild snapping turtle that bit his finger. Pattaya International Bikini Beach Race draws 3,000 runners. Chinese President Xi Jinping to attend APEC summit in Bangkok, Thailand.
Russian airlines resume direct flights to Phuket. The largest Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia opens in Pattaya. – all are coming up today.

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00:00 Intro
00:40 foreign land ownership bill.
07:13 Cannabis store at Sukhumvit 5. (Weed wonderland)
10:29 Russian airlines resume direct flights to Phuket.
11:30 Chinese President Xi Jinping to attend APEC summit in Bangkok.
12:23 A Thai man cooks and eats a wild snapping turtle that bit his finger.
13:14 The largest Indian restaurant in Southeast Asia opens in Pattaya.
15:26 Pattaya International Bikini Beach Race draws 3,000 runners.
17:35 Prostitution in Thailand

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    19 replies to "Criticism for foreign land ownership bill | GMT"

    • The Thaiger

      Thank you for watching, and please check out Thailand's First Food Rescue App "Yindii":

    • Mango Sticky Rice

      Thumbs Up 👍

    • Pat Sim

      Thailand belongs to Thai People.
      The land should be only Rental from time to time for foreigners

    • Kevin

      Why buy the cow when you can rent the milk cheaply?

    • Bert Battersby

      It would nice to see rules and laws about dating a Thai person ? And traditional culture rules and do and donots please 🙏?

    • Michael Kiss

      51% is a lot because Thai law covers only Thai not farangs. 16 ago I bought land . 2 months later want to selling and land office said Thai person sold ready 2 weeks ago. Big scam. Lawyer said you can not do anything because Thai the law. I told everyone build Thai style house your name and if have problem moving your house other place. Easy. I'm sorry I can trusting only my self

    • DARM1

      Great idea, let’s open a cannabis shop, make it resemble a kids sweet shop!! Name it Wonderland, like it’s some theme park of joy for the youth of Thailand, this is all so wrong guys!! Please let us know how long this ‘adventure’ actually survives in Thailand Thaiger. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • mark blahwoof

      legalize prostitution. it happens so why not regulate it and make it safer . government makes money through taxes, ladies are safer and healthier and clients don't need to hide like criminals. it's a basic transaction, nobody is forced

    • Teddy Bear

      Thailand has zero prostitutes. Common man.

    • Stephen Cragg

      As an Australian with Thai wife (22 years married) I have bought land and then built a 5mil bt home on that land. That was 10 years ago. Of course all in her name. We live half our time in Thailand and the other half Australia and are extremely happy with our lifestyle.
      But the old advice I give everyone that asks me,,,,,only invest in thailand what your prepared to lose. I do get peeved that my wife has Australian passport and all the rights of an Australian citizen. Thailand doesn’t give me anything.

    • Charizard215

      If rich Thais can own land the the US, the UK, and other foreign countries, foreigners should be able to do the same in Thailand. Those Thais aren’t thinking about the homeless in the counties they’re buying property in, are they? Not to say people shouldn’t care about the economic situation of the Thais, but the argument is one-sided.

      Should Thais be banned from owning foreign land, too, then? There’s a practical and fair way to grant long-term foreign residents access to land, especially if they’ve contributed their fair-share to the kingdom.

    • Kevin Scale

      If i had the equvilant of 40 Million Baht i wouldnt be looking at living in Thailand, Cheaper to buy your property in your attorneys name through there trust and live the dream This so called offer will attract no one and to say property prices will rise well never seen that yet either. So keep on dreaming !! I lived in Singapore for 2 years they gave me residencey , a Singapore Passport, 3 bedroom appartment $160.00 per week and i didnt have to ask for it or put any money up front now that is how to creat investment in your country..

    • Jason

      Sell land. Property owners get to pay property taxes.

    • Robin Hazell

      Truly amazing Thailand. Most Thai Ambassadors to Great Britain own expensive properties there. Probably in most foreign countries. They should be forbidden to buy prperty abroad.

    • James Ponder

      Regarding the purchase of land, it will mainly be bought by wealthy(i.e. corrupt) Chinese that are looking to get their money out of China so that the CCP cannot take it away from them.

    • M.T

      To own a land in Thailand is a new way of selling the country to Chinese.

    • Neil McAllister

      This is a nonsense. If I invest 40 million baht what is the guarantee that any new government from rescinding the law in the future???
      Anyone from any country can buy land and property in the UK. It will always be land in the UK – nobody can move that land anywhere!
      Also. Many wealthy Thais buy parcels of land for speculation and investment, so that makes a nonsense of maintaining land prices for ordinary Thais.
      Why do Thais feel insecure about allowing a minority (foreigners) to build a house in Thailand for themselves?
      It will always be a piece of Thailand.

    • Jay Guru

      Who would buy 1 rai of Thai land and pay 40 million baht and not buy a condo …. Crazy …

    • Sal Aparo

      Along with legalization of prostitution comes regulations and Taxation.

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