Self-Realization Fellowship nun Sister Nandini shares insights from Paramahansa Yogananda on how to use imagination, will power, affirmation, and scientific experimentation in meditation to develop the intuitive knowing that is true faith.

She presents practical methods from the SRF teachings to help you cultivate a faith — in yourself and the Divine’s love and protection — with which you can courageously and constructively face the difficulties that seem so much a part of today’s world.

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    28 replies to "Cultivating Faith and Inner Strength in Today’s World | How-to-Live Talk with Meditation"

    • Nancy Nash

      The most beautiful women were called to serve Master. This Sister exemplifies a beauty impossible to describe other than Celestial..

    • Sushila Balmacund

      JAI Gurudev! Deepest Gratitude to you dear Sister Nandini…so many great uplifting timely reminders…".don't take life so seriously ."…especially when many Tests come, "effort is progress"!, soul intuition comes after meditating deeply….constantly asking GuruLord to Light The Lamp of His LOVE Within….every word so true , so uplifting….Many Thanks to all of you dear Monastics….you are all instruments of Our Beloved Guru…JAI Ma!

    • Arthur Prelle

      A beautiful talk of practical wisdom.

    • beautiful things around me

      This was really nice and life changing. I heard first time

    • Patricia Ball

      As Always utterly inspiring. . . & full of #Divine_Understanding ✨i_pray that we may be able to awaken 🧡 Love in All ❤️ hearts❣️.. .

      Daughter of Patricia Ball 💕i_am Eternally grateful to have been
      born an ~ *S.R.F. Devotee💫 ~ My unending Devotion to God, & all the line of our Gurus, Saints & Sages of all religions ~ has sweetly granted me ~ * ~ an open 💜 heart, mind & Soul. The scientific teachings in the lessons show a 1-true practical
      & repeatable ~ ~ ~> path-through the Dualistic_Nature of this reality, as ~ ~ ~ ~
      a little wave in this Divine Cosmic Dream who often-times crashes against the shores of delusion . .

      Knowing that is part & parcel >
      ✨to learning “ALL” of my ⚡️ #Divinely_prescribed_lessons in this life ~ knowing intimately the many Universal Truest Truths as taught by *Master ~ *Krishna & *Christ
      throughout the ages ~

      💙allowing the Soul’s intuitional-common-sense & the 💛 Heart-Center to-lead > me fearlessly forward ~> towards only ~> the most righteous of goals ~ . ~

      …Striving for Understanding in all areas of life ~ to see all sides ~ all perspectives & to consciously choose to remain eternally ~>
      Rooted in the Divine_Love_Only .


      • Thoughts,
      • Actions
      • Words…
      Whilst in service to others… Yes it’s difficult to remain “actively calm,
      calmly active” …in all daily duties performed …..utilizing God given free will ~ to be a Sovereign Soul.
      ~ to Shine ever so brightly ~ by choice!
      ~ for is my Divine birthright…

      as a little 🌊 wave
      i_belong to the sea_of_Divinity …

      i_am_praying for ~>
      ***World Peace
      ***United through Understanding
      & the practical application of
      ***Divine_Laws which govern the
      ~ Whole Universe ~
      Humbly yours,
      🤍rani pappé

    • Kiran - The Tribute Channel

      Yogananda changed Steve Jobs' life entirely, in fact Autobiography of the yogi was the only book he downloaded in his iPad 2.

    • Captain Philosophical

      You mentioned the reasonable question of why a loving God would create so much suffering in the world? This is a question on my mind and some of my closest companions.

    • Eric At Last

      Absolutely fantastic. Bless, Love and Unity ❤️ 🙏

    • Martin Madsen

      Thank you so much for this solacing and uplifting service, Sister Nandini! Jai Guru!

    • Manju Batra

      Thank you Sister Nandini for this awesome talk. Grateful to SRF/ YSS for these outstanding talks each week.. Life after Life i will sing this song" Om Guru Om".. Help me to come back to my Real Home. Jai Guru!!

    • Sarlamom

      Thank you so much Sister Nandini. This is one of the best talks for me. Very practical and brought a lot of clarity to various concepts that lay imbedded in me in a confused state. Can't wait to put them into practice. Humble pranams. Jai Guru.

    • Kelly Guilfoyle

      Love and gratitude 🙏 sister Nandini, much appreciated and needed service. 💕 puppys are all heart!!❤

    • V.N. Vasudev

      Thank you Sister Nandini.You have really simplified the meditation techniques which makes us peaceful & happy

    • Leonie Augustine

      This is so beautiful❤🙏🧘‍♀️🤲Thank you dear Sister💫

    • Enrico Di Bella

      Thank you, Sister.

    • Sandhya S.Nayar

      ❤Thank you🙏

    • Charles Jones

      Thank you Sister. Your talk was just what I needed when I needed it. Jai Guru! Jai Ma!

    • Srihari ramasubramanian

      Thank you for uploading this very needed video!

    • Anjana Bansal

      Thank you for this wonderful blessed talk which helped me through a difficult period

    • Brou New


    • Dr. Chris Star*

      In this moment I am ok

      No matter where I go you are always with me

      For this message and messengers

    • Hiroko Kimura

      Sister Nandini ありがとうございます。ジャイ グル⭐

    • Elisabeth Davis

      Thank you Sister Nandini for an honest inspiring and beautiful presentation on faith. J'ai Guru!

    • Shreeprakash Singh

      Thank you Sister Nandini. You are guiding us, we who are in darkness, to light, to self-realization. Thank you so much, indeed for taking us to the path of spiritual enlightenment taught by great Gurus, Guru Paramhans Yoganand, Guru Yukteshwar Giri, Guru Lahiri Mahashaya & the present day incarnation of Lord Krishna, Mahavtar Baba & Divine Mother.

    • Anulekha Basu

      Thank you 🙏🙏🙏

    • Kandasamy Surendran

      Thank you Sister.

    • Bhagwandas Jethwani

      Thanks. May God and Guru bless all. Jai Guru Jai Ma 🙏🏻 💖

    • 𝒢𝓊𝒾𝒹𝑒𝒹 𝒷𝓎 ん𝑒𝒶𝓇𝓉𝒮𝑜𝓃𝑔

      Tears of Gratitude, Dear Maste, Mother, God. Thank you Sister Nandini for this Divinely timed talk🙏🏼💙💙🌍🕊️ღ

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