“I welcome you to The Town of Grasesta, a medieval town secluded from the rest of society. Everyone has lived in solitude for generations, hunting, gathering, constructing… it’s the perfect embodiment of a wonderful little community. But one day, that peace is broken by the Betrayer, who brings upon the Werewolf curse for reasons unknown, turning a few of the Town’s people into Werewolves…
Can the Towns people of Grasesta fight back against their own friends turned against them, or will they succumb to the Betrayer’s unknown Goal?”

I was the dictator.
Chooses to reveal themselves as soon as they announce themselves to be the Dictator during Discussion. This can only occur once. They will be proven and end the discussion forcefully, choosing one person to be executed during the day. After you reveal, you alone decide who gets executed.
Sides with the Villagers.

GM / The Oracle – Jeremy Hauk#2300
Celeste Ludenberg (Millionaire) – red.#0690
Kyoko Kirigiri (Queen) – JessieBest#9637
Kanade Otonokoji (Musician) – TheNewOrchestra#6451
K1-B0 (Service Robot) – Mr.Headset#2479
Talking Cat (Really High Fucking Cat) – AGENT943#3549
Noel Levine (Night Worker) – Orange juice#8321
Asuka Langley (Pilot) – NBCrusher#3313
Mikado Sannoji (Humble Travelling Wizard) – Saska#5878
Gilgamesh (Knight) – InducingManace#4151
Chihiro Fujisaki (PC Builder) – eggo waffle#1892
Rika Kirisaki (University Student) – hugohemra#8281
Colonel Sanders (Chef) – Antedeguemon#8878

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