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Beyond the scope of light, and reach of dark, is the balance between order and chaos, the answer to the tragedy of human existence, if only one is brave enough to walk the path of the unknown.


00:00 Chapter I: The Rise and Fall of a Kingdom
11:12 Chapter II: Bearer of the Curse
01:10:25 Chapter III: Path of the King
01:37:13 Chapter IV: Deliverer of Crowns
02:14:53 Chapter V: A Lie will Remain a Lie

Music (In order of appearance):

ES_Ethos – Johannes Bornlof
ES_Birth – Gavin Luke
ES_Breath Of Life – Gavin Luke
ES_Affectionate Love – David Celeste
ES_Inner Spaces – Gavin Luke
ES_Tomorrow, If You Let Me – Gavin Luke
ES_Frail Photographs – John Barzetti
ES_Moonlight Dreams – Megan Wofford
ES_Suffer Well – Gavin Luke
ES_Thread the Needle – Gavin Luke
ES_Affinity – Gavin Luke
ES_Dissipate – Gavin Luke
ES_Quiet Colors – Gavin Luke
ES_Under the Oak Tree – Bonn Fields
ES_Gone – Gavin Luke
ES_We Trust – Johannes Bornlof
ES_A Frozen World – Gavin Luke
ES_Without Rules and Restrictions
ES_Godsend – Johannes Bornlof
ES_The Fig Tree – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_November – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_The Sun Might Rise in the West – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_When It Rains It Pours – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_Dvala – Ever So Blue
ES_Endeavour – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_Fracture – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_Endless Way – Aerian
ES_Forget – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_Connection – Aerian
ES_Conquer – Megan Wofford
ES_Frontiers – Johannes Bornlof
ES_Passing – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_Like Home – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_Transatlantic – Gavin Luke
ES_Sphere – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_You Belong Here – Across The Great Valley
ES_A Drop in the Ocean – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_End of an Era – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
ES_Dimman – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_Into the Forest – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_Face of the Earth – Jakob Ahlbom
ES_Wonders – Gavin Luke
ES_The Batoidea – Martin Landh
ES_Zema – Martin Landh
ES_At Last Part II – Martin Landh
ES_Angel Song – Martin Landh
ES_Elm – Martin Landh
ES_Lilac (Scaled Down Version) – Martin Landh
ES_Chaldene – Van Sandano
ES_Mays – Van Sandano
ES_Everyone Rainfalls – Alfie-Jay Winters
ES_To All the Glory – Howard Harper-Barnes
ES_Leave a Scar – Alfie-Jay Winters
ES_Sana – Van Sandano
ES_Our Deepest Secrets – Johannes Bornlof
ES_The Guiding Light – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
ES_Ardour – Brightarm Orchestra
ES_Aspire to Inspire – Howard Harper-Barnes
ES_In the Name of Pride
ES_Hope Whispers – Johannes Bornlof

    11 replies to "Dark Souls 2 – Story Explained"

    • The brother's code

      Thank you very much for watching, its time we get working on Dark Souls 3!

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    • Tyrone Alexander

      Lucatiel my dear respite sharer may your code of conduct live on in those who march on to slay their bad

    • MrLevtastic

      "Their love was forbidden due to the strained relationship between the kingdoms" well yes, but also maybe… if the two kingdoms were founded by the same man, it's also possible that the in-love prince and princess were related

    • Matt Slusser

      There’s something about dark souls 2 that just gets me all up in my feelings

    • Heretic

      I personally didn’t enjoy this game very much I really like the story and the designs though and the narration and level of detail puzzle me on why this channel isn’t much bigger than it currently is.

    • Burt Danams

      I think most of the lore presentation, world building, and dialogue in this game is pretty cringe and the bosses completely undermine any sense of drama or tension whenever you get to them, but there are still some decent elements in this game. After I finish the DLC I will probably never play it again though

    • Burt Danams

      Lucilla doesn't open the path to heide's tower, you first meet here there near the end of the area. She lets you into a different area after beating heide's tower

    • Big Joe

      I keep tryna listen while laying down but I keep falling asleep

    • krootmen

      what is a furtive pygmy?

    • Michael Smith

      I love your videos. The production value and time put into them show your passion for the lore. Knowing the lore makes the games so much more enjoyable. On a first play through, I get the basic plot line, but their is so much lore hidden in these games, and discovering the lore is the true reward of playing the Souls games, at least in my opinion

    • yeastori

      I will always respect Dark Souls 2 and give it proper credit. Despite all its shortcomings it was the game that sold well enough to save the series and gave us Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne, Sekiro and even Elden Ring. If Dark Souls 2 hadn't reignited the series and made it popular again then Bandai would've canned the series and put From Soft back on Armored Core

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