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    • sandra howard

      Thank you for this beautiful tribute. RIP Debbie Reynolds a true star xx

    • david

      What was she doing with a Republican?

    • Virginia Botha

      Debbie Reynolds – one very classy, very gracious lady. Huge respect to her.❤

    • Joe Rosselli

      A friend and I once had front-row seats at Debbie's show which was very enjoyable. Such a huge star and a down-to-earth personable person.
      At the show end , she was holding a bouquet of roses close to the stage front , I had one of her first books and walked up to the stage held it open , pen in hand, and asked if I could have her autograph please. Holding a bouquet of roses, she leaned over and scribbled her name inside the front cover, it being barely legible because of the circumstances but a wonderful keepsake..

    • Joan Scott

      Thanks, Jerry. Blessed Easter .

    • twilightpurpleglow

      Jerry Skinner this video pop-up on my YouTube suggestions and I am glad it did. I absolutely loved Debbie Reynold and I read everything about her followed her life as one would a "favorite movie actress life". Her life was hard but it is amazing how she came back stronger after every heartache. I remember so well that I did not like her selection of husbands, but Debbie was in love and as they say "love is blind". She was beautiful, talented, witty, lovely sweet voice and an amazing smile. The ending though very sad; she got to go hand in hand with Carrie towards a beautiful heavenly place. What a lovely tribute, you made my day. Take care …Elizabeth Cantarell

    • Hester Green

      This is a wonderful documentary. Thank you for sharing all of this with us. I remember all of the news articles at those times over the years..
      A movie star’s life is not easy. Being an actress is hard work. One has to be always working. Debbie Reynold’s truly a survivor. In many, many ways. Debbie, was meant to be with Carrie. When she passed away suddenly. This is Truly a mother/daughter devotion, & love story

    • Mike Honcho

      Nothing heart breaking about going when you want to go, it was beautiful

    • Opaula Morgan

      A really nice narration of the life of the talented "Debbie Reynolds."

    • Alice MacDonald

      So sad! 😭

    • Karenlee Mallonee

      That was sad, but beautiful. 🌼

    • Boston Blackie

      Eddie left his wife and TWO small children. In fact he deserted them because he had nothing to do with them afterwards. Did the samething to his other two kids. Scumbag!

    • Farrah Teague

      None of Debbie's ex-husbands deserved her, especially Eddie Fisher, and her last husband, "the gold digger."

    • Sandra Shevey

      so who is the other person in the photo with Ray and Debbie in front of their home on Evergreen Street?

    • Sandra Shevey

      1 April birth date..an April Fool! Oh yes!!

    • Boyd The Goofball

      How can one woman get screwed out of millions of dollars by multiple men? Ugh!

    • Colette Beaulieu

      Thank you Mr. Skinner. You are the best at telling a real story! Your voice is very soothing. Watching you from Montreal, Quebec.

    • surejack5

      Could anyone not cry atr the end? I couldn't.

    • John Vanzyl

      Bottom line, Debbie made very poor decisions regarding her partners, over and over again. Never learned!

    • carol mitchell

      Heartbreaking that Jerry Skinner the narrator is dead. Your documentaries are far better than the bio channels. You actually go to the trouble of presenting these star's homes, their families, special events and I love the way you go into great detail of where they are buried. You are sorely missed. Your videos shall remain a vessel of your commitment to excellence.

    • carol mitchell

      I have watched all your videos, this is the first that made me cry. To learn Debbie danced without training better than any dancer was shocking to me. That movie was one of my favorites. Eddie Fisher was a dog, though it's hard not to like Elizabeth Taylor. Debbie was the all American Girl. She was a great mother. May they all rest in peace. Very well done!

    • Shelly Long

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    • DeeTrvl4 Life

      Thank you for this video, Jerry. I would like to see a video on Jerry Skinner! 😉

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