I’ve had the Digitakt for a month now. I’ve played around with it every day since I got it, and it’s been awesome! This is the last track I managed to finish within the first month.

This track was inspired by three games: Celeste, Risk of Rain and Rain World. They all have awesome sound tracks and atmosphere. I tried to make it sound “final stage”-y, and I think it would be fitting as the last track of my first album.

Tutorial on how I make the drums: https://youtu.be/YSCrbF-u7gE
Bandcamp: https://ivartryti.bandcamp.com/releases

    15 replies to "Digitakt sketch #9 Cloudburst"

    • TH3 FURY

      Great track, this musical style remind me François de Roubaix a 70's composer which did some wonderful pieces for animes (Chappi Chappo) and movies (La Scoumoune) !
      Go to listen his work it could be interesting you 😉
      Salutations !

    • deadmoonscriptures

      How did you get such great dynamics in the bass holy shit

    • KenB

      SO good !! Just love watching you play these patterns and tracks as the piece evolves. So musical and technically skilful. Awesome work.

    • theinvisibleman

      Awesome 👏

    • Korhan Eser

      Whoa whoa whoa! This sounds fantastic!

    • A Fumble

      i love it !

    • bounchfx

      This might be the wrong place to ask but my curiosity is getting to me – with stuff like this, is there a way to save these performances in a more editable or reproducable way? Or is it really just played completely real time, hoping you recorded it, and then that's the only 'version' you have unless you can reproduce the exact performance? Your vids and songs are so dang inspiring and I've been trying to decide what device would fit me well, but I am curious in that aspect of the process. Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing more of your work!

    • Dillip Phunbar

      Really like this one…well done

    • The End is Night

      Soo beautiful

    • kaedrollet

      Awesome stuff !

    • New Brunette

      Enjoying all your vids, great stuff.

    • Chanse Macabre

      Extremely good work! It's very different from how I see most people using the Digitakt, which makes it sound very unique. Cool stuff. 🙂

    • PerSense Official

      This was badass!

    • Michael Schollert

      Det var velsig kult – og et lekkert nummer. Trenger ikke mye post produksjon.
      Enig i at det vil gjøre seg som siste nummer på et album.
      Har du vurdert å vise hvordan du har "bygget" nummeret? (Jeg vet lite om DigiTakt.)

    • Paula-Maria Tryti

      Den var litt annerledes, men faskinating! Og sangene dine blir lengere og lengere! 😁 Snart har du et fullt album 😍

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