Before Final Fantasy, Pokemon, or any other JRPG, there was Dragon Quest. In the west, this series is often overlooked. This is most notable with Dragon Quest V, a game which didn’t release in the west until seventeen years after its initial release. I want to share with you my journey through Dragon Quest V as I try to explain what it is that makes this game so special.

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    • Wedding

      Amazing video. DQ5 is one of my all time favorite games. It's got the only silent protag that emotionally resonates with me and was so ridiculously ahead of its time. Your narration is also top notch. The only game I respect more than DQ5 is Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War. I'm still in awe of that game months after finishing it. I will be looking forward to the FE4 video you won't be making

    • Aggression

      Do you think the ds version is the best one? Just picking one to play

    • cragland94

      hell yeah this game is tight

    • Jay 3

      I've never heard of you or your channel before, but i gotta say that this is an incredible video. Listening to your stories/perspective on the game mixed with the brief summary of the games plot, made this retrospective very interesting to listen to.

      I'd definitely be interesting in seeing more retrospectives of other games that left on impact on you. Whether it's the other games in this series or something else.

    • Toon Jon

      You did a wonderful job on this retrospective! It is easy to tell how big of an impact DQ 5 had on you even though you were older when you played it, and I myself had a similar experience. It's my personal favorite game in the series. There's something very magical about the Dragon Quest series in general, but 5 takes a special spot due to its unique (yet simple) storytelling. I really enjoyed this video and I'm happily subbing for more. Personally, I'd really like to see some more Retrospectives on any game you had a close connection to, as you articulate your thoughts nicely.

    • Morgil

      "We live in a world where people think Final Fantasy is the original jrpg"
      There was a high profile show on Netflix not too long ago on the history of video games, and its episode on RPGs tried making that claim, which infuriated me to no end.

    • strifeofreality

      it's impossible to explore in this game with the rate of random encounters

    • Rafael Luciano

      Good work my guy. I'm glad you could see The light within jrpgs. Would love to see you play other similar games and tackle things in this format, but I suppose they would probably need to be special games for that.

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