This poor girl was found severely electrocuted in Costa Rica. Upon getting to us at Toucan Rescue Ranch, her injuries were so severe that the Vet Team decided not to name her in fear that she was going to succumb to her injuries. So, for the time being, please help us give a very warm welcome to Jane Doe.

Due to exposed and rotting tissue, the team had to amputate her right arm. She also has a very large exit wound from the shock on her lower abdomen near her right thigh. She has wounds on her face hear her eye as well. She’s receiving a wide range of medications such as vitamins, liver treatment, burn creams, and pain medications.

In addition to her treatment, she’s receiving 15 minutes of physiotherapy with the help of our Sloth Rehab and Vet Team. They help her by moving her legs and doing the bicycle to make sure she maintains some mobility in her other limbs. She also gets topical stimulation by being brushed with therapy brushes. Her larger wounds are receiving cell regenerative treatment such as collagen and tilapia skin – all with the aim of helping them heal and close.

Jane Doe has proven to all of us, time and time again, that she is a fighter—and against all odds, has shown that she WANTS to live. Please keep this special girl in your thoughts, and if you are able to assist with Jane Doe’s medical care, please consider donating to this fundraiser or sending a special “get-well” item off her wishlist below. Thank you for your kindness and support!

    2 replies to "Electrocuted by Power Lines, Poor Sloth Plummets to the Ground"

    • Bruce Brownhill

      I am lost for words we take there Forrest shame on us humans. 💔💔💔

    • Terceira Idade

      Tadinho 💔🦥 que sofrimento sem um bracinho 😥!!
      Brasil 🇧🇷!

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