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Welcome back to our analysis of the lore of Cooking Companions. This cute cooking game is hiding a LOT of dark secrets. We covered a lot of it in our last episode, so today we are focusing on the Chompettes. What are they? Or, more importantly, WHO are they? Get your utensils ready and let’s dig in!

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Writers: Matthew Patrick and Tom Robinson
Editors: Pedro Freitas, Jerika (NekoOnigiri), and Koen Verhagen
Assistant Editor: Caitie Turner (Caiterpillart)
Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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    13 replies to "Game Theory: I'm So Hungry SO̶̍̅͘͜ H̵͂̑̃͊u̴N̴͓̉̃̈́̑G̴̎r̴Y̶̏ s̶͂O̶̞̍̅͘͜ ȟ̵̌̑U̷͑͒̒͠nG̴͊̈́̅͑̚R̶͝y̴̾͑͌̀̔̽"

    • Deer Dream Studios

      Humbled beyond belief to see another Cooking Companions theory! HUGE thanks to MatPat, the GT staff and Game Theorists community: you all rock! For updates to the new story content: look us up on Twitter, TikTok, and YouTube (the channel has all the endings for you to chew over). As always: leave any questions you have below!

    • Ivÿįßmę116

      Is no one gonna talk about how in the end raspberry just doesn’t care

    • Alyssa

      If five died but there is 6 chompettes including cornbread than maybe one of the chompettes is an original or another past life of the Baba Yaga. I think that would be cabbage. She keeps trying to make things better so I think she maybe trying to fix her past mistakes after seeing that peaceful and content souls can leave

    • Hendrix Delrosario

      They posted something like a picture with 4 kids and a man has a knife that means potato kills the 4 kids and the 4 kids are cabage and rasberry and onion and bread

    • yes cheese

      I still can't get over how salty potato is after getting what he deserved.

      Potato about to murder our friends: >:)

      Potato after we stab him to save our friends: >:(

    • Samuel Bosworth

      Super horror bro already beat you to it

    • Jim Beam

      Commenting til MatPat likes or replies to my comment.

    • Mya Starkey

      ДӍ ӉҴҋԌЯҰ ҒөЯ ℓөЯЄ

    • LavishLoralea Jams

      when onion mentions the 5 deaths in one night that meant that the foods were al victems of yourself, cabbage being the leader, rasberry being the fighter, and potato being the one who hates the killer no mater what they do after they are dead

    • Christie Weyapuk

      If Potato was the owner of the cabin why would he leave his victims in the town and not bring them back to eat them? If we were part of Cabbage's group how would we kill Potato in one move assuming we were a fellow kid? And when Potato asks what is our secret of our sturdy body. Why would he if he was also a baba yaga incarnation? I think Potato was hunting Cabbage's group and while they were fleeing ended up at our cabin. Maybe Cabbage's group stayed there for a few days and bonded with us. Then Potato found them and trapped them in a room in the basement. When we find them we were too late. Potato had already killed them so in a rage we kill Potato on sight in one move. Despite having a bond with Cabbage's group we still eat them. Potato wonders why Karins group gets so much accommodation and not him at one point. He was also a visitor to the cabin and not the previous owner.

    • Kostya Lotel

      I’m from ukraine lol-

    • Evan Saucedo

      what if we are cornbread, think of it. we are excepted into baba yaga's house. they dont kill us but we kill them, than we are baba yaga, its just the soul things a bit off. our soul is slowly let go because of baba yaga

    • Tins Gonzales

      Matpat: to the late 1700's
      Napoleon has joined the chat
      Robespierre was kicked

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