For decades, the sinister Communal World Organization has dominated the planet. They have exploited mankind and forced them to death in labor camps. They have made all succumb to the almighty power of the Great Leader, who knows all and sees all. They have ruled with an iron fist, crushing oppression, eliminating freedom, destroying mankind.

But there is a prophecy. In ages long forgotten, the elven queen Yridrénil, greatest and fairest of the remaining soothsayers, gifted with the powers of foresight, foretold that one would come, who would free the people from their chains of oppression. The great liberator. Awesome Dude.

Joe Brown has been held by the CWO for years, chemicals pumped into his body every day, but there may yet be hope for mankind. Could this young boy be the one promised to come? Could this boy truly be the one?

In the most epic movie of all time, praised as being “so bad it went around the wheel of badness so that it’s good” and “the most miserable pile of garbage I’ve witnessed in my entire life; it made me want to jump off a building and not land on my feet just to put myself out of my misery,” Generic Action Movie, starring Alexander Goeller and Christopher Stephens, is not something you will soon forget. Part one of the epic film, be sure to be on the alert for the remaining installments, all coming within the next few weeks.

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