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Aggie Horticulture

Plant Answers

(1:29) Basic Principles for Success
(13:22) Let’s Talk About Some Fruit Trees
(13:30) ‘La Feliciana’ Peach
(15:05) Earth-Kind Fruit Trees
(16:32) Pear Trees
(23:00) Plum Trees
(28:12) Garden Figs
(32:35) Persimmons
(36:49) Aggie Horticulture Website Earth-Kind
(37:09) Blackberries
(42:10) Grapes
(45:13) Strawberries
(46:40) Blueberries

(52:23) Please talk about dwarf avocados for San Antonio.
(55:20) When and how is the best way to prune fig trees?
(57:28) Will deer eat or damage young citrus trees?
(58:20) What kind of plants can be planted near fruit trees?
(59:46) Please go over spray schedules, types, and oils for peach trees.
(1:03:19) Do you have information on nurseries that sell rootstock (Lovell or Halford)?
(1:05:15) Please review best fruit trees that are good producers and recommended pear trees.
(1:06:35) What are some good fruit trees for Brazario County?
(1:07:17) Should figs have the root flair exposed and if so, how to mulch?

Adventures by A Himitsu Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 Free Download / Stream: Music released by Argofox Music promoted by Audio Library

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