Ziri (Tank) — Fights at the front line, main hero stat: Strength

Akhreb Ummi, oh great Mother of Scorpions, help your devoted child. I, Ziri, swear to become your eyes and senses. I will not succumb to anger, nor will I show an enemy mercy. Akhreb’s body will protect me from pain, Akhreb’s spirit will help me tell Light from Darkness. Come, Akhreb Ummi!

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    4 replies to "Hero Wars — Ziri"

    • Carlos Joaquin Borres

      free na ziri mako buy na ziri thaks you:)

    • Carlos Joaquin Borres

      i love that ziri:)

    • Max Blitz aka Mark Chaser Renet Xaviour

      Thanks for the video. Saved me wasting my time on Fury of Akhreb Ummi. Obviously she got bitch slapped alot overseas & thats where the name came form for the useless Stun

    • holystars

      she would be worth getting if you in a gold and sliver guild if not their no point in having her in your team you will never build up her soul stones

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