I have never put this much work into a video before, I spent over 18 hours researching, scripting, voicing, and editing to make this complete. I really hope you guys enjoyed the video and stick around for more content. AND BIG THANK YOU TO @Unreal Dreamer FOR ALLOWING ME TO USE CLIPS FROM HIS VODS OF CBT1, HE ALLOWED THIS VIDEO TO BE THE GREATEST IT COULD. LOVE THIS MAN AND HIS ENERGY PLEASE CHECK OUT ALL HIS CONTENT.

This game has me so hyped, not only for the lore, but the music, the character design, the world design, even the UI design. Never been so amped for a Hoyoverse game before.

____Links and Resources __________________

Unreal Dreamer Vods used:
– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LNllXRR_kVo&t=14788s

Homu Labs Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5b4zVytEis&t=270s

Screenshots of Aeon descriptions: https://youtu.be/nlITTA7InCw

Twitter: twitter.com/azrialvanity
Twitch: Twitch.tv/azrialvanity
____Chapters __________________
0:00 Disclaimer
1:38 Chapter 1: Astral Express
4:40 Chapter 2: Stellaron
5:10 Chapter 3: Aeons
18:35 Chapter 4: Stellaron Hunters
20:09 Chapter 5: Characters
29:09 Final Chapter: CBT1 Recap (SPOILERS)
49:45 Final Remarks

    23 replies to "Honkai Star Rail COMPLETE PRE CBT2 LORE GUIDE | All Aeons, Characters, Factions, AND CBT1 RECAP"

    • Unreal Dreamer

      Absolutely Fantastic, with the limited info we had and how scattered everything was.

    • Linguolab

      That's huge, thanks for your work!

    • monkaEyes

      Ok now I know what CBT stands for normally but what is it in this context?

    • dianeslastantidepressant

      i was so desperate to find lore before i played cbt2, and here you are having made an entire 50 minute video on it. i appreciate all the work u put in this so MUCH

    • miasma

      hey idk if anyone has brought this to your attention yet, but a well known and reliable leaker for genshin and hsr says that the man on the right in kafka's splash art is blade

    • Reee

      Now that i think about it, does the star rail cast still use honkai as their powers? Because if they introduce a new power system that's going to be interesting. Welt seems to be the only one i can confirm for now…

    • jej

      seele x bronya enemies to lovers 15k words

    • Csaba Horváth

      So… This is officially a Honkai game, right? And there is "Honkai" in its title. It also has some characters from the main world of HI3. Which means, that everything that's canon in one, should be canon in the other as well.

      So I'm curious about what kind of relationship is between the Honkai God and the Aeons. Does it know them? Is it also an Aeon? Or a different kind of god? How does their power and knowledge compare to each other? And I'm especially curious about what Nanook and the Honkai God thinks/would think about each other. Or even: are they the same? This description of Nanook makes me think so: "If civilization is a cancer emerging quietly from the boundless stars, then war is the only common language known to all intelligent life.
      To correct this mistake and clean up this tainted universe, Nanook became the avatar of entropy."
      This means they both target advanced civilizations to destroy; they have the same goal, and they are doing the same thing. The description also names Nanook "the avatar of entropy", while there is an anti-honkai organization in HI3 literally called Anti Entropy. I don't think this all is just a coincidence, given all the clues and information.

    • Kx217

      Great video, thanks for all the info ^-^

    • Noir

      This is an amazing video! Thanks for the resume.. I was trying to avoid SR lore so I can surprise myself once is out, but I was really curious about the Aeons, thanks for explaning c:

    • WyGryFf Podcast

      Great work! Any chance this being available as a podcast? 😀👍

    • voledae

      very well done video!

    • PureVanillaGamingYT

      Ill choose Stellaron hunter

    • PureVanillaGamingYT

      What if codename : kaplas
      Was kiana kasalana's actual dad
      And kiana's dad is going to take vengence on otto apocalypse

    • PureVanillaGamingYT

      Asta and march 7th will be my favorite waifu and The two bronya units

    • ZEN59 / aseel593

      I’m only 10 minutes into the video that’s lots of lore a really good video 👍 I’m going to watch it tomorrow because it’s late for me

      and sub looking forward to your upcoming videos

    • ArchAngel Knights

      you probably used the worst streamer out there for this video…unreal dreamer the most annoying honkai/genshin streamer…..holy crap.

    • ArchAngel Knights

      the train travels through a black hole or worm hole then….why not just say that.

    • Eden

      When's game coming out?? Will it be available for mobile/Android players??

    • Stratus

      when i first hear the word aeons i immediately thought of fal'Cie and l'Cie from FF13. And maybe a bit of Fabula Nova Crystalis.

      i may be speaking nonsense but that's what i feel about it

    • MrAsaqe


      Neverwinter Workshop, color motifs similar to Herrscher of Rimestar. Why do I feel like she is this universe's Ana Schraic?

    • Phantom

      basically the jump is the video game equivilant of a wormhole

    • Himitsugawa

      Bronya, Kafka, Natasha, Clara – now I see the reason to get into HSR lore. I love their designs and fighting styles.
      Bronya – turns into battle with grace and loyalty, using her command spirit to strenghen up her comrads on the battlefield.
      Kafka – a wanted shooter-hunter, who's able to create a bullet death waltz and blow this up like it's some galactic explosion.
      Natasha – a scientist-looking woman, who seems more to be like an alchemist, but using cannon to heal her allies on the battlefield.
      Clara – a young royal-looking girl, who's always being protected by her machine friend Svarog.

      When I saw their styles – I was like "HOLY HELL MAN WHAT IS THIS!…" and now just looking forward to see its OBT or full release when it's come. I'm not familiar with HI3 lore at all, only to 6th chapter. Lately I got a little confused where it's all gone, to be honest. I mean I lost the story of HI3 verse completely, which is only my personal mistake.

      I'm sure other characters have great styles as well, but these are most catching of my attention (just some lone opinion).
      HSR design seems like HI3 and GI got merged into one world. And it's actually awesome! I loved design of most locations in HI3, and openworld in GI. But to imagine what will turn HSR into… This is totally worth of attention!

      Thank you for explaining lore of this verse!

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