Inconsistency. Apathy. Distraction. Those hindrances to your prayer life can finally be overcome, as you learn to truly pray in the Holy Spirit. Never again do you have to struggle to find that Heavenly flow. David Diga Hernandez gives you the one simple, Biblical key to praying in perfect harmonious union with the Holy Spirit.

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00:42 – Worship
04:33 – Lesson
19:01 – Prayer
20:47 – New Spirit Church Members
21:49 – David reads your YouTube comments
24:31 – Offering

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    19 replies to "How to Pray in the Holy Spirit"

    • David Diga Hernandez

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    • Itsme

      God bless! Did it joined your spirit church🙏yes very helpful

    • Als11able

      so to feel him in gospel music for hours without praying words, is that it too?

    • Jina

      “Surrender to that flow. Trust and Obey.” Amen. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for the Spirit of God in us.

    • diana teunis


    • warrior princess ⚔️🌈

      I need a strong prayer Christian life again

    • Jessica Lim

      Praise the Lord for this ministry. Thank you dear Holy Spirit❤God bless you brother David. In the past, I just do or say as what our pastors taught but deep inside, I didn't really know who is Holy Spirit. I felt so touched with tears when you mentioned Holy Spirit prays for us, groaning, He prays with passion. It is Holy Spirit who makes us want to change, to be holy. My part is to surrender! Trust and obey! ❤

    • Erika Van Der Linde

      Pastor David now if one still struggle with nicotine addiction and praying in the spirit? Are you not sinning against the Holy Spirit. Please please answer this question I'm desperate!!!

    • Lisa Hyvonen

      Thank you for this insightful message 🙏🏻🤍

    • Grace Tembo

      Thanks so much man of God for the teachings that have transformed my life,may God continue using u so we fully attain salvation

    • Isla C.

      Thanks so much Lord for Pastor David's life, bless Him protect Him this might be 9months ago but that healing and restoration I receive it for my biological mother and the marriage of my mama and papa and my siblings whose marriage is challenged. Pra

    • Raffy Ferraris

      We want to experience spirit n tongue..pls continue to teach us

    • Che Lee

      If you love Jesus more than your life, more than the world, and more than heaven, he will protect you from all dangers.

    • Che Lee

      For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word, and the Holy Ghost: and these three are ONE. (1John 5:7)

    • Che Lee

      Jesus and God the Father are ONE. (John 10:30)


      Are you a human or an Angel?

    • yelena nikora

      Thank you very much, Holly spirit

    • Shabad Thunder

      God bless you Amen

    • Kishore Chand

      Amen Amen Hallelujah Hallelujah Thank you lord for powerful words Pastor God Bless All the Glory to God

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