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That’s right. In a burst of stupidity, my brain decided that EVERY boss in Dark Souls 2 SOFTFS needed to be burned to the ground with Immolation. And after countless hours of slowly walking around enemies and banging my head against my desk in frustration, I can only come to a single conclusion:

…I don’t want to play anymore.

I beat Dark Souls 2, every single boss, with only the Immolation pyromancy, so that you don’t have to. Let this video be a stopgap against all the players who were curious and wanted to try it for themselves. Please, for the love of all that is holy, YOU DON’T HAVE TO, STOP, WHAT ARE YOU-

(shoutout to @ymfah for finding an in-game way to obtain Immolation – the madman breaks these games in ways I can only dream of, and has my complete respect)

|| MUSIC ||
Resurrections – Celeste
Guardia Millennial Fair – Chrono Trigger
Outset Island – Zelda Windwaker
Rainbow Road – Super Mario Kart
Panic Puppet Zone – Sonic 3D Blast
A Feeling of Love – Megaman Legends
Highscore – Alien 3
Chemical Brew – Katana Zero/LudoWic
You Are The End – Furi/Waveshaper
Breath of a Serpent – Katana Zero
Take Care – Ultrakill
Lobby Music – Fibbage 3
Powerup! – Jeremy Blake
Hey There – half.cool
Onett – Earthbound
Hypnosis – Little Nightmares
Beneath the Waves – Little Nightmares

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    14 replies to "I Completed 100% of DARK SOULS 2 SOTFS With Immolation Only (So You Don't Have To)"

    • Na5ty

      No offense but why is a law-firm sponsering a gaming youtuber?

    • Vinicius Antunes

      Lemon, I wanted to say that unfortunately I understand your non-pain, and I wouldn't wish that for anyone, even so, ds2 is still my favorite Ds, a hug from a crazy brother from Brazil

    • SolidSnape

      as bad as ds2 was and is, of all the souls games i would like to see have a full remake made, it would be ds2

    • Domotoro

      thank god you did this, i was totally gonna have to myself if you didn't

    • Mr. WaterBottle

      this is how every journalist ever perceives dark souls 1-3

    • Onside Mammal

      you think Morgan and Morgan sponsered this vid because DS2 is notorious to deaths from falling? XD

    • Xeno's Lifestyle

      as a first time watcher, the Morgan and Morgan sponsor really caught me off guard

    • SSB7149

      This is the most brutal example of someone going hollow there is. The majority of us just wanted to see if this video could be done (theoretically) legitimately… we just didn't know the cost that this would have.

    • El Toro Salvaje

      just pure determination by someone with a considerable number of screws loose

    • Al Nahian

      now we know why ludleth cried of burning his body to link the fire

    • Chris Myers

      I read this as ovulation only and was weirdly excited for this video

    • 1SeniorSmurf

      Is that a mob psycho reference haha?

    • Corbin Coleman

      Grinding is cringe, cheating is based

    • Green Eyes

      I think it would have been more fitting if you embraced the dark at the end instead of taking up the throne. Good video none the less.

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