In this Planet Zoo video we build a sky zoo! You heard that right, a zoo sitting in the sky where the way up is just as bad as the way down. I’ve been toying with this idea for weeks, trying to make sure I could make it actually work since the raisin eyed people didn’t want to play ball, but I finally got them to succumb to their innermost curiosities about what is up on the top of this giant land mass in the sky.

This Planet Zoo gameplay video will showcase what happens with a little ingenuity with the terrain tool and what you can make happen within the game itself. It also didn’t hurt that some of our esteemed animals kept escaping their enclosures, a little like our last PZ video where the animals all escaped and wreaked havoc on our little zoo. Or the fact our transport vehicle ride defied both physics and the odds as it transcended along a floating railway.

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This Planet Zoo funny moments video will be sure to keep you laughing and wondering what else can happen! Let me know down below what you would do with a sky zoo and if you’d like me to upload this park to the workshop so that you may alter it as you like and build upon my start.

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    15 replies to "I created a floating zoo lol"

    • GTLogan

      I hope you all enjoy the video! I've been testing this one for a few weeks now and I'm happy it was finally able to be made. Thank you so much for watching.

    • Jorden Jorgenson

      I honestly laughed for 60% of this video. Freaking gold

    • Carrie Wiggins


    • E


      People in wheelchairs visiting this zoo: ;-;

    • caleb rhodes

      I’m pretty sure all names are just made up.

    • holupthefu

      this is awesome! why didnt youtube notify me ;-;

    • Ma. Theresa Ruiz



    • fiveer11

      Wait… there are animals in this game? I thought there were just vending machines and money machines

    • CelestialPiano&Gaming

      This is the new GrayStillPlays


      4:50 – "Their FALLEN brothers and sisters"

    • Highly low quality stuff

      Build a zoo that has all of the animals in the same exhibit but all of the carnivorous are alone in isolation

    • Taxe Vlahos

      I am so happy Logan finally tortured these button eyed people, in the zoo!!!!! πŸ˜„ thx for the great content

    • yes sir

      Not to be mean, but your video concept is a bit like Let's Game It Out haha good video anyways

    • Silent7

      nice video i love the planet zoo content, keep it up!! ++

    • Breadward MacGluten

      Wow I didn't even know that you could make floating islands haha. One suggestion that I think would help your channel is if you add your schedule plan to your youtube banner, that way any new viewers can quickly find out when videos are planned to release. You can change the schedule whenever you like too.

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