A FREE live stream leadership academy where Principal Kafele engages assistant and aspiring assistant principals in weekly messages of assistant principal leadership effectiveness every Saturday morning at 10:55 ET on Facebook Live (Virtual AP Leadership Academy & Principal Kafele), Twitter Live (@PrincipalKafele) and YouTube Live (Virtual AP Leadership Academy channel).

All sessions coincide with Principal Kafele’s books, The Assistant Principal 50, The Aspiring Principal 50 and The Equity & Social Justice Education 50. He strongly recommends that you obtain a copy of each as supplements to the content covered. You can order from Amazon, ASCD (the publisher) or PrincipalKafele.com. In addition to AP’s and aspiring AP’s, this academy is also ideal for principals, central office administrators and superintendents.

Principal Kafele considers the assistant principalship to be the most misunderstood and underutilized position in education….and he wants to fix that. He hopes to see you every Saturday morning LIVE. There’s no registration and there’s nothing to sign up for…just tune in and PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD!

    6 replies to "INFLUENCE: A vital component of effective school leadership! Virtual AP Leadership Academy (Week 64)"

    • Rebecca Quintana

      I got the job! I’m a new Assistant Principal at an Elementary School. You have made such an impact in my life. Thank you for all you do. I will forever be grateful.


      Just two years ago, I emailed you saying that "I GOT THE JOB!" That was for my first AP job. Now I'm messaging you, again, to let you know that "I GOT MY FIRST PRINCIPAL JOB!" Thank you for your guidance and being self-less with your gift.

    • Sarah Harper

      My interview is next week! I'm binging your wise words from now till then.

    • Louise Scott

      Great information!!! Thanks!

    • Louise Scott

      What activities do you recommend during an administration internship? Thank you Principal Kafele!

    • Lanelle Hilling

      I got the job! Thank you 🙏 Your preaching (instruction) filled my 🪣 bucket and I am so very grateful!

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