In this video I take the bold and controversial stance of criticizing Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

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    26 replies to "Is It Possible to Enjoy Paper Mario: Sticker Star?"

    • DieAntDie

      If you enjoyed me bravely criticizing a game that many other people criticize as well, please be sure to subscribe!

      VIDEO FUN FACT: this was a big project for me, by far the longest and most difficult one yet, I'm so, so proud of how it came out. Thank you so very much for watching, it means the world.

      BUT if there's one major thing I could change about it, I would have mentioned that there's nothing wrong with enjoying Sticker Star, or any other game for that matter. Even if I felt that the game suffered from numerous, fundamental design problems, I still recognize that it has its many fans, and I didn't mean to imply that they're wrong at all for liking it. In fact, I sincerely hope you enjoy it, because I'd rather have liked it myself than not!

    • Springdude 11

      Most difficult challenge run I've seen all year.


      Me first time I played through it all: “yea”

    • Jesus

      I enjoyed the other paper Mario ones and I’m quite a bit upset they didn’t continue the sticker style, I actually did enjoyed it, for the next one, they could add some definitely quality of improvements like xp and badges but overall, it is definitely enjoyable and well worth the money.

    • Colony 30's shitty proudbanner

      I personally enjoyed the game, but I get how some old fans would feel confused and insulted. It's not a bad game, but it's a bad game to the paper Mario fans because it's not what they're used to and they preferred the older things. This is coming from a person who's favorite game of all time is bug fables, and STILL enjoyed sticker star and color splash.

    • Memelord

      I dont care what the nintenlords who live in there moms basement say about this game i liked sticker star and i enjoyed it they treat it like if its battlefeild 2042 and i rather play sticker star than 2042 cause at least i can actually play it

    • Randybutternub0

      I remember begging my parents for super paper Mario when I was 7 and god was I majorly disappointed ☹️ ttyd will always be the best. had an amazing hub world with very diverse characters scattered around which no paper Mario has replaced since! GET YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS NINTENDO MAKE ANOTHER PAPER MARIO LIKE THE ORIGINAL AND TTYD!! I personally blame super paper Mario for the series sharp decline!

    • Gengar Guy

      Damn I've already found myself an underrated channel.

    • Roland The Traveler

      Great review. About your comments on if you must wait until 10 or so hours in until it "takes off," no you must not. I firmly believe every game needs a hook and should be good right from the get go, and if it fails to grab you in the beginning, then the entire game fails. If you find the first few hours boring and tedious, it's not likely to get any better

    • Rainy Waifu

      I actually like this game

    • Da Taternater78

      This game is a guilty pleasure of mine and I can say, yes, it is possible to enjoy.

    • Gabriel R.

      Bro I honestly remember liking this game but when seeing the gameplay footage of you playing it I started having like PTSD flashbacks of all the backtracking in world 3 and 1 and the blandness of world 2 it's like I blocked it from my memory, it's been a while since I played it but now am not sure if I ever want to return to it just to keep that good bit of memory of it

      Though I must say I don't remember much backtracking in worlds 4, 5, and after that's where most of my fondness of the game comes from and remember liking the game and music in those areas especially the music in world 4

    • Zachary Landrum

      As much as I love Chuggaaconroy and his content, I am SO TIRED of him complaining about Sticker Star pretty much every other day! It gets so damn draining to hear him rant about the modern Paper Mario games, especially Origami King.

      And no, I'm not one of those 'modern PM fanboys.' I liked PM64, loved Super Paper Mario, hated Sticker Star, disliked Color Splash, but really liked Origami King. I never played TTYD, but with how toxic the TTYD fandom is, I've grown a negative stigma against it because of how people will try to say that the game is 'perfect and flawless.' It's not perfect, nothing is perfect.

      Apologies for the mini rant on this nearly one year old video, I'm just sick of the Paper Mario fandom fighting. Can't we all just get along?

    • KGK Skull

      If you treat the stickers sorta like ammo, then this game isn’t half bad if you also remember the music and the sniffit game show

    • FlareTheBlitz

      You give me a Scott the Woz vibe. I think that warrants a sub 🙂

    • Adamations

      did you know gaming: the entire combat and progression system is the most pointless thing in existence.
      combat gives you coins which are worthless.
      step 1: buy boot
      step 2: put it in the box in world 1 like 8 times
      step 3: free infinijumps

      also… none of the chapter bosses need to be fought in order.

    • Turtle

      Wow, this video is incredible! You deserve way more subscribers. Which is why you just got one more.

    • Andrew Lambiase

      Let's be honest, snifit or whiffit was the only fun part of the game.

    • parker bartell

      i loved this game lmaooo

    • Aiden Zumwalt

      Yes, yes it is

    • KNOS

      Paper mario sticker star was one of my favorite games in 2012 and I have played the game multiple times. I love it!

    • Halfendymion

      I enjoyed the game
      Maybe that has something to do with the fact that it was my first paper mario game

    • K REAL [yes it is] BETA 創造的な

      The channel is underrated.

    • MudkipLegendStreams Memes and VODS

      Short answer in my opinion, Yes. its enjoyable

    • Christa Van Den Beghe

      Your channel gives me Scott the woz energy so ig that's good

    • Plushy

      Just putting my 2 cents here: No, World 2 doesn't get better. The Peak of this game is in fact, within World 4. And the Engimansion is Great.

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