Being born as a 3rd generation JW, I was unquestionably loyal to this high-control organization. I was the prototypical small town congregation ‘Golden Child’. Starting at an early age as an Unbaptized Publisher at age 10 and Baptized at 15, I checked all the boxes, progressing from Pioneer to Ministerial Servant, and eventually an Elder at 29 years of age.

Carrying the weight of so many expectations in that life and also trying to be a good husband resulted in tremendous strains and mental stresses. Who would think one music video at a 2015 Regional Convention would result in a nearly 4-year journey of self-discovery, a revelation of the Truth about the Truth, and also with it, unimaginable heartbreak and pain?

“This story is not finished, but if it did right now, It would definitely have a happy ending. I want the same for anyone and everyone who may be on a similar journey of awakening. It is my hope that this discussion will do just that.”

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    10 replies to "JW Elder to PIMO to POMO: "I want to help others!""

    • Jared Scott

      This was an amazing opportunity that Wendi afforded me the opportunity to share my story. This journey can be tough. I’m here for anyone that needs that support even if it’s just a listening ear. Thank you for listening to my story.

    • James Jones

      I can't imagine the guilt of helping facilitate a death by the blood policy, and then realizing it's all a lie and leaving!

    • Jesse Machuca

      I was also an immediate Pomo

    • Author Delaleu

      And it's a very sluggish treadmill, glad he got out. Really enjoyed this interview 😍

    • MR M

      your so fabricated!! that smile is so fake!!if you have ever been a life coach you would want to spew listening to this crap!! john 8:44 if you were a real jw you would be laughing out loud!! i see a lot of x jehovah witnesses Fabricating lies some are true but lol the drama lol

    • MR M

      well i dont see bible scriptures so there goes the help!! Romans 16:17-18 big time fail!!

    • Indigo Smyth

      This was so interesting! Thank you 🖤💗🖤

    • Mari Florent

      Gratidão 🙏

    • R R

      Excellent interview!! I relate to both of you in so many ways! It is actually very comforting to hear your experiences and perspectives.

    • downie duck

      why does interviewer keep interupting the guests stories!!!

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