This session focusses on the incredible power and authority vested in the disposition of SUBMISSION to spiritual leadership that access and activates a significant quantum of qualitative Grace and Kingly authority, causing us to be successful in our God-determined destinies.

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Minute Markers:
00:00 Intro slide
0:25 Song – In Your Time
2:16 Song – Grace on Top of Grace
4:42 Song – Waterfall
14:42 Songs – Spirit of the Living God/Hallelujah/I Can’t Live Without You
27:05 The Lord’s Supper – Rene Barnwell
40:58 Offering | Song – Psalm 23
47:27 Announcements – Julienne Bartleson
1:00:42 Sermon – Randolph Barnwell

#kingsoil #grace #submission

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