Lawrence George Durrell was an expatriate British novelist, poet, dramatist, and travel writer, a bestselling author and one of the most celebrated writers in England.
Born in India to British colonial parents, he attended the Jesuit College at Darjeeling and was sent to England at the age of eleven for his education at St Edmund’s School, Canterbury.
He spent from 1935 to 1939 on Corfu. His book ‘Prospero’s Cell’ was his love letter to the Island.

His younger brother Gerald wrote a semi-fictional trilogy The Corfu Memoirs incorporating ‘My Family and Other Animals’ on which the popular TV series, ‘The Durrells in Corfu’ is mostly based.

This 1975 documentary reflects on Durrell’s years on Corfu.

This 16mm film print was in near new shape, still unopened in a shipping can from the lab, physically un-run, but exhibited severe negative scratching, high grain, and colour had turned red. It was discovered in a shed amidst an abandoned consignment of dried dates from Alexandria.
After sitting in its container for nearly 50 years, the restoration was done in 2022.

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    3 replies to "Lawrence Durrell's Greece – Corfu ( Κέρκυρα ) 1975 Documentary"

    • Marta Gonzalez

      Poetíc and evocative, illuminating Durrell’s thoughts about life and literature. Evjaristó!

    • London Power

      in the 1970s there were still many areas in Greece that lived like the Homeric times without electricity or roads to connect them to the big urban centers

    • Nick Daskalakis

      Great documentary George . Really enjoyed watching it

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