Madeline must now take her first steps on this challenging mountain, fraught with tall reaches and deadly traps. Will she succeed, or succumb to the mountain…or even her own inner demons. Game made and published by Extremely OK Games.

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    7 replies to "Let's Play Celeste #1 – The Climb Begins"

    • ICountFrom0

      As much as possible?
      All berry?
      Golden Berries?
      C Sides?
      Mountain Core?

    • Nbjk01

      this story has a wonderous meaning and its such a jewel of a game thanks for lping newfie

    • TheZero1312

      52:02 More like almost 4 billion deaths, Bangaa.

    • Sephiroth1204

      Oh, this is a great game

    • Aeduo

      The character sounds like Bonzi Buddy.

    • Ryan Bragg

      This a very fun game to watch. I like that you can explore and take different paths.

    • RVQ 90

      Hi newfiebangaa again thanks for the reply back is there a to request a game for later on since you already have games with picked out or just leave the name of the game in the comments? Have a great day.

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