A very detailed, thorough, discussion featuring my personal selection for the Most Valuable Player Award!

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    • Josue Roman

      Greetings. I'm in zone 7b, and started with figs about 6 years ago, but started collecting during 2021 with 15 new varieties. I have three smith on the ground and had temperatures of 17 degrees here in Greensboro, NC this year. My Smiths are doing fantastic, looking very strong. I had some minor die back in other varieties like Violette de Bordeaux. I own a few BM, It 258 and Smiths. The It 258 is my weakest of the three varieties, slow development. The others looking strong (all of the three varieties I started from cuttings last year (2021). This year I add to my new collection about 10 new ones. I see many of your videos as well as Ross from Pennsylvania and Ben B's from Seattle and learn a lot. I try to collect the top 10 as long they are in the top 10 from more than one collector. Thank you so much from your teachings and experienced.

    • Alpha Hoss

      Can you put up a list of your favorite fruits that does well in your zone please thanks in advance for your time as it is greatly appreciated.

    • Daniel Betancourt

      Hello Lou, I'm Daniel Betancourt, I live in Orlando, would the San Pedro flourish in Orlando, I Planted my firs Fig Tree in March and I'm getting figs, they pushed out Mid July Plant is about 2'-3' tall, I also propagated 13 Cuttings out of 15 first time, Hope to here from you Thank you in Advance, you Can Message me on Facebook Messenger I would appreciate it

    • Daniel 4774 seven 02

      In my small collection I have the RDB. First year in containers. Here in Denver CO zone 6a will plant one in ground next to a brick wall to see if it can survive the winter.
      Good video.

    • Cyrus Taylor

      I am in zone 7A, coastal CT. Do you have any experience with Strawberry Verte?

    • imdanhoover

      i have 2 RDB in pots..4 other different varieties of figs going in pots also..1 chicago in ground..of them all, the RDB has been the most hearty,productive fig…going to put 2 cuttings of it in ground next year..i believe in hat you're saying..weed out the less productive ones..grow the ones that work…that taste the best to you…good philosophy

    • いちじく専門 まるはち果実園

      Thank you for sharing good movie!

    • Bobby Fischer

      Hi Lou, I'm always amazed and delighted watching your videos and they way you talk about figs. I know you're a retired teacher. I'm so curious to know what you used to teach? Thanks.

    • Sidereus Nuncius

      RdB is quite popular in Europe, don't know why not in US. It is really a staple, foundation fig without question. It fully deserves it.

    • Pteropod

      I can't agree with the statement that they don't split much. My RdBs have been one of my worst splitters in humid and rainy weather here in PA. They rarely split last year since the weather was hot and dry but this year has been a different story. That said, they still taste pretty good when they split. I also don't agree that they taste so much better than the Mt Etnas. I prefer the taste of a lot of the Etnas over RdB. I do fully agree, though, that it is a must have fig. It's very early, productive, tasty, reliable, and a beautiful looking fig.

    • Bobby Fischer

      Hi Lou, you've been praising a lot RdB. How do you compare a perfectly ripe RdB vs Violette de Bordeaux (not often heard from you) in term of taste? And are they different taste? Thanks a lot.

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