The world of career development is blessed with a unique superpower: helping people learn more about themselves. This is a gift in a world where there can be a lack of self-awareness.

However, is the advice ‘first, know thyself’ holding back our students? When is the right time to help students discover their values, interests and strengths, before or after the Challenge Cards sort? Join us on July 28th at 4pm ET (1pm PT) to tackle these questions, learn from your peers and get inspired for what is surely a great year ahead.

About SparkPath

SparkPath has helped over 35,000 students explore careers and prepare for a meaningful future. There are over 25,000 decks of Challenge Cards in use around the world that help students find inspiring challenges to solve, instead of job titles to fit into. Our unique methodology is used by over 100 schools in North America, including leading colleges and universities.

About JP Michel

JP Michel is the creator of the Challenge mindset and the founder of SparkPath, the company behind the Challenge Cards. His work on careers has been featured on the BBC, CBC and Forbes. JP is a TEDx speaker and holds a masters degree in industrial-organizational psychology from the University of Manchester and a degree in psychology from the University of Ottawa. He is also the recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Career Professional award from the Career Professionals of Canada.

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