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Explore a strange world full of colorful friends and foes. Navigate through the vibrant and the mundane in order to uncover a forgotten past.

When the time comes, the path you’ve chosen will determine your fate… and perhaps the fate of others as well.

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    27 replies to "Oh My Branch Coral | Omori Hikikomori Route Part 3"

    • A violinist with anxiety

      34:09 I know this was posted 7 months ago but I just couldn’t resist he he. So when the map appears in white space and you want to pick it up it is called “the headspace map” so yeah the name appeared twice.

    • Gemstone

      when i used to handwash dishes before we got a fixed washing machine, i'd wash the big pieces first so I can rest the smaller stuff on

    • Kane H

      Why didn't you show the jawsum area where instead of MARI guiding you it's KEL

    • Malo

      the second time you wake up in white space you get the "headspace map" right? the game barely mentions headspace though i do agree

    • Jacob Lapolla

      Fun fact, it was a bit ago I heard this so I could be wrong but I think the talking in the background is from a random Swedish news report or siren or something like that

    • Marmu Animates!

      43:23 , don’t quote me on this but I believe the person in that song is counting in German.

    • Every kel meme is canon

      King carnivore was hard for me but also kinda easy, I needed him to make my team happy so I could use lucky slice and made carnivore angry to mock him and have Aubrey use power hit, kel to flex and use run and gun, hero to use smile and so forth hehe it's not a bad strategy I guess also making omori and the gang happy is my main thing 😉

    • Every kel meme is canon

      King carnivore is really hard and yes, the level you were at is most likely the level most people beat him with

    • Anony mus

      Very early in the game, you get the “Headspace map”

    • Bill's Beard

      19:45 "The world may be falling apart, but we got those fuckin dishes done" 👍

    • Kai?

      I was literally sitting home from school while you were talking about it

    • X-Dude

      oh yeah a sad truth about hikikomori route
      theres a very
      and a mean very high chance that

      He commits suicide because of his grandma dying

    • Pockychu

      "this is the first time the word 'headspace' has been used."
      sad headspace map noises…

    • Jess

      "I wonder if there's any little parts of white space in black space?"
      what came to my mind was the hands- the ones that teleport you back. those are also in white space and send you back to the center. those hands are a way out of the nightmare, the "oh thank god there's a way out" moment. it makes sense that they come from that place of faux safety

    • Air Ria

      I LOOOOVE that the dishes have like each individual thing you have too wash, and you have to press each one, it's such a good way to represent procrastination and how simple things/chores can seem like so much

    • Cordyceps

      Heads up, if you made King Crawler angry the fight would’ve probably ended faster.

    • Jc

      One has a tank top (omori) one has a shirt shorts and white dot pupil sometimes (sunny)

    • Super Bocky

      Really happy to see you play the hikki route and you will see soon lots of new stuff!

    • Rooster

      Howdy! Been enjoying your omori playthrough, your analysis are interestin to listen to (I feel you about missing a ton of stuff on your first playthrough, my sister n I totally missed Long Legs too)

      I have a recommendation for a game you might enjoy! Maybe not even for streaming but just on your own, but there's a Nintendo ds game called Hotel Dusk: Room 215 where you play as an ex detective investigating his partners death. It's a beautiful game with puzzles and talking to the current hotel guests to solve an overarching mystery. I think you'd enjoy the conversation segments the best, though I can imagine you fighting with the protag Kyle at points lol.

    • Dess

      Love this. Can't wait to see more 💚

    • engineer gaming?

      The apple can be obtained in both routes

    • Dr. Drey

      The whispering in the background are numbers from 1 to 12 spoken out in german. Greetings from germany😌🇩🇪

    • Dr. Drey

      The BRANCH CORAL when talking about the wisest is referring to a character, you still haven't met yet. But she will eventually cross you're way somewhere in the deepest parts of DEEP WELL

    • Peng

      i think sunny dropped the mom mug on my playthrough, or maybe one of the glass items i dont remember lol

    • ghostboysander

      after the coral, there is a whispering. German numbers are being whispered. counting from 1 to 9 and 172771727. no idea what it means

    • master bunny

      At 43:20 that's German counting

    • pabz

      I haven't really seen anyone talking about this, it's about "The Wisest" That the coral was talking about, you are right, it's a character you haven't met yet and you CAN meet on ONE DAY LEFT. I won't say anything that would spoil you, just know you should try to collect all of the keys and look around the underwater highway for an NPC that wasn't there before to gain access to her!!

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