Once again playing as Babylonia on The Glorious difficulty. This time, I hope to learn from my mistakes and improve my performance.

Old World is by Civilization IV designer Soren Johnson and Mohawk Games.

Old World Tutorial Playthrough – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HiQkZUboIrs&list=PLUoTkKw8Mb8bROz_TDcP-jBveHjq8eZgZ

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    2 replies to "Old World – Babylonia 2.0 – Glorious Difficulty – Part 4"

    • emeryd10

      Do you realize you can buy orders with your training? Could have moved the settler father faster.

    • Otto von Wolf

      It's good to see you making use of shrines again! It's really good early culture that we missed out on last game.

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