This game will become a cult masterpiece… mark my words.


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    • Yaloh_A

      really good video, thanks. just felt the need to left a comment, so here I go

    • April B

      i just finished the game this morning and oh my goodness.. the game is so amazing

    • barrel1339

      18:15 I'll be back

    • Senator Armstrong

      i omor 💀

    • Mol

      I like how you manage to put words into the feelings of the game, i did too felt shame when asked to kill the cat, knowing there is another option, i felt sick (as opposed to angry) when i knew the game main twist, i too did get the game good ending but the game stuck on my mind for a bit without knowing how to parse it.

      I think you are dead on, the part past part the good ending reflects more on you that whatever explicit game statement could make.

      Keep on making great videos man.

    • Fancy8380

      Thank you very much
      for specifying that omori means in romanian!
      It's great to see foreign people being interested in my language, thanks again!

    • Pharlim

      God, this game was too real back in early 2021. It quickly became a top 3 instantly. So much truth to trauma and the effects it does to yourself and the friends around you. My story didn't end as smoothly as Sunny and Basil's but I'm finally learning to move forward. Thank you for covering this, it deserves all the attention.

    • TP. Lovecraft

      video is good but i couldnt keep myself straightfaced every time you said "the gamer"

    • Nakia Spizzo

      Yume Nikki-inspired games are a pretty much solidified concept by now.

    • Azf68

      perfectheart segs

    • Danny Devito

      I would forgive him. I think that's logical since it was an accident. I don't know if I would still be comfortable hanging out with him since I've never been in Sunnny's friends position and therefore I can't know that. In the end I think Sunny knew that this was a risk yet he still did it for Basil.

    • jellydamgood

      But why share the pain? I have semi frequent leg pains that makes it almost impossible to walk due to a previous slipped disc, and the last thing I want is for others to go through that experience.

    • Danny Devito

      To the moon made me cry like a little bitch.

    • Scias

      I'd check out the game "The Path" which plays as a good metaphor of "curiosity killed the cat"

    • Exciya

      You should really play LISA: the Painful.

    • Cassandra Lyris

      Monster and Omori in the same year?! It's like early double Christmas! 👌😩
      So, here's how I try to explain suicide to people who don't understand why anyone would choose it. Frequently I hear the phrase, "It's so SELFISH of them!" I sit them down and do my best to explain, " You have to understand. They didn't believe they had any value. They honestly believed you would be better off without them around." Conversely suicide is frequent in chronic pain sufferers who DO understand they have and inherent, human value, but their pain becomes too much to cope with anymore. It's not personal, they just can't cope anymore.
      It can be hard, maybe even impossible to convince someone in a shame spiral to believe they have value in your life. The best we can all do is keep trying.

    • Paulo Gustavo Batista Santos Leal

      Omori is sweater silent hill 2

    • corona virus is new black death

      I'm 90% sure nikki is diary.

    • corona virus is new black death

      The future nikki.

    • corona virus is new black death

      I finished miri nikki and did the same thing,but I didn't get away.i had a meltdown I should've told people about.

    • corona virus is new black death

      I was manipulated to be a shut in=I just told you what my families like.

    • MrLeolb2

      do you know yume nikki?

    • Toxic Tyco

      I wanna play the game just to kill the cat

    • S Hyde

      Hope many people get to see this video before youtube does it's usual thing.
      Seems it likes removing Omori videos or making them unwatchable.

      Gem of a game.
      Love it.

    • NaneelQueenOfDarknes

      I would also add Lisa the Painful to the list of games discussing mental health issues. Well the Lisa trilogy really.
      It gets a lot of shit these days because it hit hard for so many, but my adoration for the way it tackles hard to deal with subjects in a vary real manner, is genuine. And the sound track will still live in your blood forever after hearing it.
      <3 kill chop deluxe.
      It was also one of the first games to use "joy" as a drug to cope.

    • Darío Oquelí Villalta Chévez

      Beautiful. Well said and presented. This freaking video took me in a rollercoaster of emotions. So glad I found this channel.

    • Corvent

      Don't know if you take requests, but the game everhood might interest you. It appears as a very simple undertale esque game, but it delves into some amazing concepts you might find interesting

    • Harry

      Spinning Omor

    • juandiego1993

      Fine.. ill stop at the 18:10 mark..

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