10 replies to "[OMORI spoilers] OMORI WILL succumb."

    • RedWire Platinum

      reuploaded cause the audio didnt work on the first one l0l

    • Not Roboteva

      SUNNY: ENOUGH! I’m sending YOU to blackspace because YOU got rid of MARI.
      OMORI: aghhaggauguughghg-
      SUNNY: You loved her and you killed her!

    • Sarah mcpherson

      OMORI succumbs.
      SUNNY is victorious!

      SUNNY: Opens eyes and be like: Wait what?

    • YourAverageKidDownTheStreet

      The reason omori never “succumbed” is because omori is Sunny’s emotions. No matter how hard to push and throw your negative thoughts away. They come back even stronger than before, it’s the reason why there are so many phases in omori.

    • RedWire Platinum

      also fun fact 2: I jokingly made defeating arachnophobia give 999999999 xp and gold cause i wasnt expecting sunny to actually get anything. he did. instant lvl 50 and mad rich 💀

      fun fact 3: the hooligans target the person with higher stats (which wouldve been kel) but sunny was so strong that the hooligans kept attacking sunny and did no damage l0l

    • koshii

      that was quick 💀🤝

    • mariposa

      speedrunner:im not hacking
      the speedrun:

    • Jumpman

      well that was easy

    • Muca

      Kid named umb

    • Baygels

      this man really just beat the shit out of his inner demons

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