I needed some type of game style text box sfx, and none of them fitted quite well with the next animation, so I think this will do, plus, I actually like this one.

This may give you a vouge reference of what I want my Camp MMM challenge 3 to be 🙂

Credit for the sound goes to OMOCAT

    7 replies to "OMORI standard text box sound effect"

    • Gamen Snootdroop

      Snooping as usual, I see

    • Ms BelleBelle

      Im using this as background noise because i like this sound way too much

    • Phamility

      For anyone utilizing this, use audacity's noise reduction to remove the background noise!

    • zara


    • Insane Mokey

      Finally! Now i can end my school project.
      Thanks, here… Take this like.
      *You have recieved a LIKE

    • Shining Knight

      Finally found it, thanks-

    • Nyctomatter

      congratulations you have helped me

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