Weary and frustrated Bournemouth fans react at full-time after magnificent Mitoma scored his sixth in his past nine appearances across all competitions to ensure Brighton and Hove Albion got the better of Bournemouth at the Amex Stadium.

Cherries, content with a point, shifted to a back three in the late stages of the game, and smelling blood, Robert De Zerbi’s men took advantage of our diffidence – with Mitoma’s strike condemning Bournemouth to yet another defeat!



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    29 replies to "REACTION: Needless Tactical Tinker Gives Brighton Impetus As AFC Bournemouth Succumb – AGAIN!"

    • Tommy Heffernan’s Poodle

      I wish I could give this multiple likes for the ‘nice gloves’ compliment 😉

    • Leon Tartovsky

      Just want to point out that Mitoma, 178cm, was taller than 5 of the outfield players who were on the the pitch at that time and as tall as 3 others. Definitely not the smallest or shortest by a long mile.

    • bakayaroo44

      Bournemouth looked really good. Great pace going forward, Neto excellent, defense kept up for most of the game. They should pick up some points and make a good fight for survival.

    • Ian Thomson

      OI'Neil will never resign and I do not have any faith in Blake and Hughes sacking him.

      Therefore, what can we do????? Protests, banner, letters to the clubs, whatever it takes

      We are relegated this season but I have not confidernce in GON getting up back up next season from the Championship

    • David

      You really have to stop going on about Eddie Howe… He’s gone and it is getting a bit boring.

    • tainan mike

      Brighton fan and first-time visitor to this channel … I want to make a comment on the video itself: fair-minded analysis, no swearing, and all very capable speakers (even that little lad) made it very enjoyable viewing. As for the game; yes, we were lucky to win today. Good luck for the rest of the season.

    • Ronan Fitzgerald

      No mention of those VAR decisions here or on MOTD. Nor did they show the foul leading up to the goal that GoN mentioned. Saying that though MOTD did well at editing out everything controversial. These decisions have cost us dearly yet again.

      I thought the lads looked bright up top and perhaps the game called for Moore to link with those runners. Not surprised as they need time to gel, but thought they did well.

      Why on earth we decided to sit back like that again god only knows.

    • Rob Toy

      The bored are too slow to react- Everton won’t get relegated now- should have got dysche

    • Fred Fronkle

      O’Kneal panics and goes for the draw only to find his pathetic strategic thinking backfires. Rapidly becoming the worst Cherries manager of all time

    • Brian Roberts

      A tactical genius buy attacking players and then defend for the whole game, should have got a proper manager after we sacked parker

    • Kristian Colborne-Carter

      Traore was really something different but the moment Anthony got subbed off it was always coming. Attack vs defence for the last 15

    • 康行 濱田

      It is said that Mitoma is not good at get a goal with his head.But I don’t think so.

    • Duckymomo

      Patience patience patience. Bournemouth will be fine but it will take some time with the new coach and ownership. Stay positive.

    • Chris Edwards

      Walter, hope you can get to more away matches and eventually to Dean Court, persistence is the key because there are ways to get tickets.

    • Stewart Britton

      Yo yo club and Planing for that. Love challenging in the championship. And this team should be coming back up if relegated.

      Give me that over being in the PL

    • Terry Vose

      It's no good continuing to improve but allways losing.

    • Emil Frederiksen.

      Gary Oneils points per game ratio as a full time manager is 0.13 yikes

    • Dane Vans

      Disappointing but the last two games have been a vast improvement. I just can't understand GON's choice of subs. I think each choice was a vastly inferior replacement in a game that was on a knife edge and we could easily have edged. New lads all look great, and im sure they'll gel better with the lads over time too. 


    • duhh herrooo

      Mathias Viña got potential – especially with more playing time and gets more confidence. I hope he contributes more than fans' expectation. Best wishes cherries 🍒 I'm getting to giddy to say "cherry on top"💯🙏🫡

    • Daniel C

      We weren’t in the game. They had most possession, most chances on goal and most chances on target.

    • Simon Ashley

      Smith has been poor this season and was terrible today, but is a GON favourite.. we are in huge trouble now..

    • Foster Twelvetrees

      Ben and Geoff summed it up – just a shrug and desperately trying to not say “ we’re shite “ .

      Seen the highlights- awful defending yet again for their goal ., no one blocking the ball in , Lerma losing his man again and weak hand from Neto .
      I just cannot see how we will stay up .

    • Sisco

      I like your manager you need to keep him

    • Wayne Walden

      Hi guys from a fulham fan your team did not deserve to lose that game against Brighton but your team will still bounce back from this one good luck with the rest of the season

    • JamesFFC

      There’s a lesson here that we can all take from this debacle:

      When someone looks like they’re sodding off, don’t say “thank you”, and definitely don’t clap.

    • Philip Martin

      Thanks to you – the BOTN team – and to all who took part in this review. I especially enjoyed seeing Walter, and also that young lad who despite the result so clearly loved his first away game!
      Maybe Newcastle will bring out the best in our team: showing Eddie what we're capable of, and posting a statement that says what we think about their tainted Saudi money…

    • Graham Burns

      Suppose to say Tegs not refs

    • Chamberpot92

      As a Brighton fan – I thought Bournemouth were slightly unlucky that the game didn’t end in a draw. I thought we would have had more of the ball and more chances, so credit to the Cherries for making it very difficult. On another day we wouldn’t have scored.

    • Graham Burns

      Good show again Refs. What is he doing taken the best player off the pitch. Neto was superb and u can see he wasn't happy at the end. But we invited Brighton on to us in the end of the game which is happening in every game this why teams like playing us. Up the 🍒.

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