Real Talk Mō Ngā Rangatahi – Rotorua

00:00 Introduction & Overview
20:40 Rawiri Nelson
43:30 Izzy Northcroft
1:03:30 Patrick Salmon
1:30:00 Rangatahi Services
1:39:30 Tania Carr – Real Talk Founder
1:56:15 Constance Ready
2:20:40 Pania Te Paiho
2:32:00 Tangaroa Walker


We take our audience on a journey, a journey of laughter, a journey of tears, and a journey with absolute passion and purpose. We create a safe space to speak about what we have experienced in our lives, and that we don’t have to be whakamā, we don’t have to live in silence, we don’t have to hide our secrets anymore.

Because when we speak – we heal, when we speak we free ourselves, and when we speak – we provide inspiration and hope for others.

We want our audience to see that it doesn’t matter where you have come from, what you have been through, it is about where you CHOOSE to go.

The subjects covered in our kōrero start with but are not limited to the subjects listed below:
• Suicide and triggers and coping mechanisms
• Mental Health awareness
• Sexual & physical abuse
• Gangs & domestic violence
• Drug and alcohol addiction
• Teen pregnancy & pregnancy loss
• Death & grief
• Discrimination – racial, gender, sexual orientation
• Relationship breakdowns
• Career & business aspirations
• Standing strong in who you are.

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