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00:00:00 Chapter I: The Fires of War
00:09:04 Chapter II: The Shinobi Code
01:04:31 Chapter III: Gracious Gift of Tears
01:43:33 Chapter IV: The Price of Loyalty
02:14:29 Chapter V: The Return

Music (In order of appearance):

ES_Dreams of Us – Bonnie Grace
ES_An Old Story – Ruiqi Zhao
ES_Immovable As The Mountain – Yi Nantiro
ES_Love in Fantasy – Ruiqi Zhao
ES_About Fighting Your Windmills
ES_Past Love – Ruiqi Zhao
ES_Collisions – Bonnie Grace
ES_Hiro – Sight of Wonders
ES_Kimono Of Tears – Mandala Dreams
ES_Far Far Far – Bonnie Grace
ES_A Walk in the Rain – Magnus Ludvigsson
ES_Dark Water – Magnus Ludvigsson
ES_Beautiful Nightmare – Ruiqi Zhao
ES_Dreams of Us – Bonnie Grace
ES_Kite in the Sky – Magnus Ludvigsson
ES_L ombre du platane – Magnus Ludvigsson
ES_Contemplation – Magnus Ludvigsson
ES_One With the Tribe – Bonnie Grace
ES_Rose-Colored Faith – Rand Aldo
ES_Sentient – Gavin Luke
ES_Demure – Ever So Blue
ES_Felt Like November – Magnus Ludvigsson
ES_To Witness in Silence – Erasmus Talbot
ES_Midnight Textures – Silver Maple
ES_Eventual Bloom – Rand Aldo
ES_At the End of Nothing – Silver Maple
ES_Without Words – Lalo Brickman
ES_Never Forgotten – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
ES_Godspeed Nebulae – Rand Aldo
ES_Monuments – Bonnie Grace
ES_One Way Ticket – Yi Nantiro
ES_At Long Last – Yi Nantiro
ES_The Way Of The Warrior – Yi Nantiro
ES_The Dice Is Cast – Yi Nantiro
ES_Today Is A Gift – Yi Nantiro
ES_A Single Grain Of Rice – Yi Nantiro
ES_As The Curtains Fall – Yi Nantiro
ES_Behind Every Powerful Man – Howard Harper-Barnes
ES_It’s Time to Let Go – Bonnie Grace
ES_Cyllene – Martin Landh
ES_It Keeps Coming Back – Christian Andersen
ES_Deep Waters – Edgar Hopp
ES_Goodnight Story – Magnus Ludvigsson
ES_Cherry Blossom Tree – Mandala Dreams
ES_Liason – Fabien Tell
ES_Sea of Space – Yi Nantiro
ES_The Heart – David Celeste
ES_Imminent End – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
ES_Farewell – Jon Algar
ES_Dissemination – Christoffer Moe Ditlevsen
ES_Deeper Than the Ocean – Bonnie Grace
ES_The Architect – Bonnie Grace

    28 replies to "Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice – Story Explained"

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    • Victor Gomez

      Still haven't played this get but I will come back when I do

    • Karl Wikman

      Its fascinating when the real antagonist is not the final boss, but you are still stuck cleaning up their mess for the rest of the story


      Love these videos, one thing I never really shook about sekiro is how we are kind of the bad guy through the entire game.

      I mean seriously Genichiro is just trying to defend his home during a bloody full scale invasion, we take out every last one of ashina's defenses and all jut Seal then kingdoms doom.

    • jake Ryan

      Its criminal that Sekiro got no DLC. All the other Fromsoftware games got brilliant expansions.

    • Perfect Animation

      I’d love to see a Demon’s souls lore video and maybe a Nioh one in the future

    • Spice Melange

      Interesting.. so whos sekiro and why does he die twice?

    • Назар Старовойт

      Such content deserves much more than 100 000 subs!!! Thank you guys for such monumental work, incredible video, as always. Greetings from Ukraine!

    • Henrik Augustsson

      I don’t think Sekiro lost or died to Genichiro in the grassy fields.

      Why would the Sculptor drag to safety and install the shinobi prosthetic on a dead body?

      Sekiro survived, but barely.

    • squigglytext

      Watched 3 times so far

    • Delirius Hunter

      Masterpiece! You guys are sooooo underrated!

    • Cyclone Sama

      I don't know whether to decide if the Sacrifice Ending or Cradle Ending is the best, 1 sad but noble feel to it while the other has an next adventure vibe to it

    • Dio si Dis

      Such a well made video. You deserve more subscribers and views. I hope the algorithm picks this up.

    • sivasiba2

      I really enjoyed this video and watched it to the end. very good

    • manav tokas

      another masterpiece

    • Steven Ellis

      I absolutely love this video, your accent and intonation are therapeutically informative.

      This would be a good 'going to sleep now' vid if it wasnt so interesting.

      Love all the lore vids, man. Keep on keepin on!

    • Vincent Harper

      Them folk just read scripts and get a check… and serve the editors..

    • K N

      Hmm i just realised that the Dragon’s Homecoming may have been inspired by Journey to the west

    • C


    • MoiD9

      This is a masterpiece
      It deserves way much more veiws

    • Jared

      Great work as usual guys.

    • Chiron God Emperor of

      2 commercials every 5 minutes.

    • Spydey 129

      Perfection again guys. Thank you so much xx

    • Viktor_V/-ughn* Da_Vaudville*_villaiN••

      Dude I love your overviews of these games they are so well done

    • Xtreame Ninja

      the ending was so gooood.

    • catjesus

      Dude I have to play this game. This was beautiful and damn tragic. Thank you so much.

    • Killuhr

      So glad to see a new one of these 😌

    • psychaholic 66

      As much as I love Dark souls 1, Bloodborne, and now Elden Ring (and I stared souls games with Demon's and played them all), I know that the main Souls was inspired heavily by Berserk. Which is one of the greatest mangas. But hear me out. I don't know if it's inspired by, but Sekiro has many parallels to Blade of The Immortal. My favorite manga, so my opinion might be biased, but that's just my opinion. Sekiro, although super linear, but I think a bit harder due to no cheatsie builds and co op, it's why it's my favorite From game. You have to rely on YOUR skill and nobody else. In Blade of The Immortal, the protagonist and main antagonists depended heavily on that belief. Your own skill. Kuro is the equivalent of Rin, but the bosses take a major turn. As if you read that manga, you'll be like "ok"
      I'm not saying it's directly inspired, but there do have similar things at some point. I would recommend reading it. If you would be inclined to and see if there are are the similarities between them. Cause souls have been lauded as Berserk inspired. Bloodborne by H.p. Lovecraft (and I'll add The Sherlock Holmes novel The Hound of The Baskervilles). But read Blade of The Immortal and see if you see if you find a parallel. There's some. But I think it was influenced by that that manga. It's not a legit theory, just mine.

      No spoilers for the manga

      Edit sorry for the long comment

      Edit 2: there's alot or Bloodborne atmosphere in the Sherlock Holmes novel Hound of The Baskervilles. It's only a couple of hundred pages.

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