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    25 replies to "Sharing my realizations about Miss Earth (and early favorites )"

    • Rainero Malinao

      I believed ME advocy, and also the LGU of each provinces. Congrats to the orgs of ME…

    • Marie De Leon

      Hey Adam! You're the man. Wish to see you judge Miss Earth.

    • Roland Orteza

      Top 5

    • ClintonFredSuarez Official

      The crown is really between Colombia and Korea. Cuba is coming in close.

    • @Aishan

      you vloggers should spread out environmental awareness too,..use your platform to promote

    • Arlyn Cantiller

      Go columbia

    • Arlyn Cantiller

      Im a pageant lover this pageant is most i wanted .i love the girls how they appreciated filipinos.thnx ladies.thnx gor coming our country Philippines.goodluck ladies.god bless.ingat p0 kayo lht.

    • Madonna Yusuf

      Cuba .colombia .australia.and belarus are my top 4.

    • Evol Anomrac

      Ang Gandara din ni ms Kuba kafes ni dayanara torres

    • Carlos Reyes

      Filipinos aquí! Estoy apoyando a Miss Colombia. Tiene las cualidades de Miss Earth . Esperando que en las finales responda mejor y bien versada en el ambiente, es una segura ganadora. Elegí las 5 primeras (casi latinas) Primero Miss Colombia, Miss Cuba, Miss Ecuador, Miss España, Miss Australia. Si Miss Colombia respondió excelente en Hash Tags y Preguntas y respuestas finales, obtendrá la corona. Pasarelas casi a la perfecta solo preguntas y respuestas, porque muchos candidatos están bien versados en Medio Ambiente este año.

    • Ariel Morales

      Palestine is the darkhorse for this batch.

    • Gab Gonzales

      Aside from Australia, Venezuela, Colombia, and Korea, I also love ME Indonesia!!! jusko unti unti na nakukuha ng Indonesia ang formula ng ME. From last year Monika na superb ang communication skills up to Karina! Malaki rin chance nila na makapasok this year!!

    • le2 467v

      NO-BIAS RANKING, Nov 21:
      Battle for Miss Earth
      🇦🇺 Australia
      🇰🇷 Korea
      🇨🇺 Cuba
      🇿🇼 Zimbabwe
      🇨🇴 Colombia
      5 Alternates
      🇧🇾 Belarus
      🇵🇷 Puerto Rico
      🇵🇸 Palestine
      🇳🇬 Nigeria
      🇳🇱 Netherlands
      Top 11-16 (Potential for top 10)
      🇵🇪 Peru
      🇨🇦 Canada
      🇺🇲 USA
      🇨🇱 Chile
      🇵🇭 Philippines
      🇻🇪 Venezuela
      Last 4 (Unsure if they can get it)
      🇳🇦 Namibia
      🇮🇩 Indonesia
      🇪🇹 Ethiopia
      🇪🇨 Ecuador

    • Edgar Olivar( jawo)

      Very well said Tnx adam for supporting Miss Earth


      Colombia talaga! Dyosahan. 🥰

    • Nope

      Mas marami ka na pala subscribers Adam kesa sa ibang pageant vloggers. Congrats!

    • gel c

      Very well said Kuya Sir Adam! Bravo! (Pasensha na sa bashing ko sayo sa interview ni Brooke Lee)😊Peace!

    • Yen Canson


    • george jacildo jr

      Si nigeria nakalimutan mo

    • N G

      Omg … i love this analysis, finally some1 na meron ganitong analisis… mas deep and superb by far kumpara sa mga ilang pageant enthus…..thank you for this Adam. Love it..🥰❤️🥰

    • Joselito Rabina

      Tama, Miss Earth is different from other pageants. It’s not about luxurious beauty pageant but it talks about the reality of life and nature environmental awareness.

    • Oscar De La Torre

      Colombia 🇨🇴 and Cuba 🇨🇺 stand out. One of them may be the next Miss Earth. Thank you for your analisis.

    • Jaycon Yaneza

      The downside of ME is the advocacy is just.for show. After a queen is crowned, she disappears and only resurfaces to crown her successor.

    • Salise, Benjamin

      Ang strikto ni adam nd pasok sa banga ng apac sina indonesia, thailand, palestine. Pero i get it. Mejo acquired taste sila. But my top bets for Asia-Oceana are Australia, Korea, indonesia, Palestine.

    • Salise, Benjamin

      Reklamo kasi ng reklamo mga tao na madilim daw lagi stage tapos gusto led lights. Kaya ayan araw na mismo ilaw nila.

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