After saying goodbye to her brother, Celeste tries to escape their planet during a war. However, she is attacked by the invaders while trying to escape and crashes on our planet. She is found by the mysterious Blake Dodson, who has some secrets of his own. Having memory loss, Blake offers Celeste to stay with him until they found out who she is. After visiting a bar one night with some of Blake’s friends, Celeste notices the strange behaviour of some of the Strangerville residents. Will she discover what the cause is of the Strangerville mystery? And what is Blake hiding?

This is the first ever Sims 4 machinima I have ever created and I had a lot of fun doing it, so I really hope that you guys will like it. If you like it, click that little like button and leave a comment down below if you are excited for my upcoming machinima series. Also let me know in the comments what you think Blake is hiding.

This machinima will be centered around the Strangerville storyline, but I also have some other surprising storylines up my sleeve.

Lots of love,

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➤ OriginID: GoWide90

Music credits:
➤ Whitesand – Eternity
➤ Heroboard – The Bluest Star
➤ Ikson – Anywhere
➤ Benjamin D’Urso – Suspense Piano (Oak Studios)
➤ Turning Slowly (YouTube Audio)
➤ Mamoune Taleb – Adreline
➤ TheFatRat – Mayday (feat. Laura Brehm)

Video credits:
I got the galaxy videos from

Sims 4 animations:
I get my animations/poses by searching on YouTube and Lanaccfinds. Most of the amazing creators are Ideal Sims Four, IMHO, Jey Sims, Paytonerik, Sovushka Games, MiShtern, Amra72, ooolala and more.

    7 replies to "Sims 4 Machinima series | Stranger Alien | Episode 1 | Lost in War |"

    • Ne0n_Abyss

      Machinima is something that I never understood how to do. I tried but I could never understand it, you do amazing on it though!

    • Michaela Sims

      This is so cool! ❤️ I love the idea and can’t wait to see how the storyline evolves 😁

    • WarArke

      Aliens, mystery and secrets? Sign me up 👽

    • Maya Ferrari De Godoy

      THAT'S SO COOL (and Andrea is so pretty)

    • DevicaSims

      you are really talented! i loved everything from the background music to the mysterious storyline. can’t wait to keep watching and find out more about what blake is up to!

    • T Gamez

      Its a really nice video, loving the story so far. The machinima is brilliantly put together. Awesome work!!

    • Simantha

      What an amazing story line I was hooked from the start! I wonder what Blake (I think that was his name lol) is up to x

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