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Dub Pistols (feat. Terry Hall) – Problem Is
Terry Hall – Beautiful People
The Fun Boy Three – The Farmyard Connection
Terry Hall – Ultra Nursery Rhymes
The Colourfield – Windmills Of Your Mind
The Specials – We Sell Hope
Leila – Time To Blow (Feat. Terry Hall)
Nearly God-Poems (feat.Terry Hall)
The Colourfields-Thinking Of You
The Specials-Doesn’t Make It Alright
The Specials-Blank Expression
Nouvelle Vague-Our Lips Are sealed (feat. Marina Celeste & Terry Hall)
The Specials-Vote For Me
The Specials-The Life & Times (Of A Man Called Depression)
Terry Hall-Love To See You


    • Steven Terranova

      I am so profoundly saddened. The voice of my youth. The voice of a movement ✊🏿✊🏼
      Thank you for this Selecta

    • chdeul trojan skin

      Je suis si triste… C'est l'album " Specials" qui m'a fait aimer le ska et qui à été le déclencheur de ce que je suis maintenant. 😪🦋

    • Jonny Beck

      Support the ones you love now or they'll be gone and it'll be too 'uckin' LATE!!
      …and thanx Waynazz, this is some great stuff I didn't even know existed (!)

    • Jonny Beck

      …and Terry (?) What's the big idea gettin' sick and splitting WAY too soon… (?) 💔

      So… will you be comin' back anytime soon?

    • Phil Jones

      Excellent. Nice one. Much apeeciated

    • Rendem Video

      Rip king ❤️

    • laurent guillemotNaz

      Sur Rennes en Bretagne Beaucoup de Gens Pleure…In My Fucking Town Lot Of People Crying…We Lost A Friend We Lost A Brother…I Hope U Understand What I Whant 2 Mean…Thank's 4 All…

    • laurent guillemotNaz

      Today, is a Sad Day 4 Me…

    • laurent guillemotNaz

      Merci pour tout tes Mix…& Thank's 4 All Ur Dj Mix…

    • 4dooky

      Awwwww… Man. This SO sucks. Dude was way too young (sez the 56 yo). I, of course have no idea where Terry's head or spirit was when he passed. I just hope he was in a good place in his head, heart, spirit when he did. Mental health shit just sucks (ADHD, depression, anxiety) AIN'T fun. I just hope he gives my Auntie Judy, Nana, Brad (John Bradshaw) my love & very best regards.

      Selecta Waynazz… a very lovely mix, as always. I hope to visit the UK again B4 I'm too bloody old to get around. A Very Happy Christmas to you and yours, my Dude 💜

    • tmatason

      Awesome! Thank You, Selecta!

    • Chas Smash

      ….soooo sad… Thank you for the incredible music and skank on….

    • Jg Mouloud

      Special for eternity

    • Jg Mouloud

      Thank you so much for that beautiful tribute. Such a great loss. I'm discovering a lot of tunes from Mr Hall that I didn't know. May The Merciful Creator bless his soul for eternity.

    • Mickel Cox

      Terry enters the Hall where the Prince's sitting.

    • Rude 84

      Thanx Waynazz Selecta — Rest In Peace Terry Hall , thanx for the great music

    • Cynthia Opsahl

      Very sad news. RIP Terry- Amazing times dancing to The Specials!!!! Thank you!!

    • Howard Birchall

      Greatly put together

    • Multifarious

      Rest In Peace Terry, thank you for being a part of the soundtrack of my life..

      And Big Up Waynazz, great mix – great timing, Tx Bruh!

    • Rob Spencer

      Bless Up Brother…Respect Putting This Together, Sad Times Needs Great Tunes…Have a Good Chrimbo Brother…Best Wishes – Spenny @ The Controls…✊✌

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