(Content warning, some flashing scenes in this video, as well as mature subject matter discussed)

Tier 4. The next tiers will be delayed as an even bigger version of the iceberg has released, and I need time to readjust things. Expect a video on a different topic before then as compensation.

Original Iceberg by AnnieGal/Iyamtebist: https://www.reddit.com/r/creepygaming/comments/tnzcum/the_definitive_darkcreepyscarydisturbing_video/

Worlds Chat Japan Archive: https://timigi.com/Stuff/Archive/worldsjapan/index.html
Izzzyzzz – Luna Game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ0yNTyWCKU
Izzzyzzz – The Path/Tale of Tales: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6MoNp4qEXK4
Tark’s Gauntlet – Rule of Rose: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=589TSBPdpTE

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Redlyne_
Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/redlynenine

    29 replies to "The BIGGEST Dark/Scary/Disturbing Games Iceberg (Part 3)"

    • Alex L

      wait till you get to stuff like demonphobia

    • snowtain

      Cool Content I Subscribe On YouTube And Watch More Content From You On YouTube. Real Cool Content Online.

    • Para_207

      i really like red orchestra 2 and i cant think of a reason to why it would be here, maybe because when you get shot you bleed out and have to bandage yourself?
      i have no clue but i have like 30 hours on it so what do i know

    • Lying Figure

      31:00 Jericho wasn't bad it just came out as a single player only game around the same time games like Gears of War were dropping.
      The biggest criticism of the game I have is most of the guns feel pretty generic to use and I remember one guy being way better than the rest so I just used him unless I needed to solve a puzzle.
      The puzzles were also really straightforward and iirc you only really had one way of progressing through most of them.
      If the game had Co-op or a class based multi-player mode it probably would have been better recieved.

    • AkiSutaHatter

      i love these vids bc i end up w a huge list of playthroughs to watch

    • cjtwofingers

      Brother you need to do audio books lmaooo

    • Insane

      Fortnite kid
      The only thing more terrifying than fortnite is fortnite kid

    • guys please dont swear my mom checks my ipad

      the jerma jokes caught me off guard lol

    • Chikiceleste10

      Wayne hylics 2

    • Coal Nose

      Im so happy that the rpg Lisa games instead of Lisa The First are starting to get more love, especially the fangames like Lisa: The Pointless, great video.

    • Matías Gandolfo

      39:12 Oh man, it's the weird OneyPlays game!

    • lemon pie

      Love the video bro!

    • Max Power

      bunker 16 and i see you are probably pretty well known, markiplier played them, in fact he played a lot from the tier at the start. I also started laughing out loud as I realised the mario music box music you chose was a music box of better call saul, thats amazing.

    • Crazy LG

      Pretty good content, sad to know you gonna stop for a while, but I get it why, the chart is HUGE and to put everything together takes lotta time. Anyway, I'm gonna stick arround and wait for the next thing. Until then.

    • PlaceFantasy

      The ju-on wii game is genuinely beloved by so many people ironically enough! It was critically dogged on but is regarded as one of the best horror games on the wii and (IN MY PERSONAL OPINION) One of the best horror games ever made in how it handles pacing and atmosphere. While the game has aged somewhat poorly in terms of controls and graphics, the horror elements still hold up REALLY well. If anyone out there likes J-Horror and is curious about it, PLEASE get a wii emulator set up and give the game a shot its genuinely such a masterclass in atmosphere and tension within horror gaming. So many of the games on this layer were some of my favourite games ever made this was such an incredible video to watch!!

    • LazyApe

      A lot of things I wasn't expecting to see!
      Like hacknet or the thing game, I can even link to various video essays or playthroughs if anyone wants one big info dump.

    • when they take your milk duds
    • Master

      3:48 am 💀

    • orion pax

      2:40 i am in actual tears over the better call saul musical box cover

    • Sungazer

      the Better Call Saul music box music made me feel like I was having a stroke, great job

    • Enclave Soldier

      Love your videos broski, you’re like the only person on YouTube covering stuff like this
      Can’t wait for more parts

    • Victor Rodrigues

      I cracked up with the Jerma Scorn sound

    • Meatbug

      I feel uneasy after watching this


      big fan of these videos because i get overjoyed whenever i see something i know about

    • MD

      Somehow, my favourite horror (ish?) game is still missing… I won't say what it is until the end of the series since I'm curious whether it will be on there 🙂

    • AnnieGal

      So, real question is if you're still up to adding extra bonus entries after changing to Version 3 of the Iceberg? I genuinely would not blame you if you needed to tap out. Anyway, a few bits of commentary to add.

      * I mainly added Red Orchestra 2 because of the single player, and the enemy death speeches. They literally have whole ass death speeches for random soldiers.
      * UnderParty is pretty tame as far as ryona games go. After the game's jank ass main story , it becomes a fairly solid 2D beat-em up. But yeah, compared to shit like Demonophobia or DepraviA, this one is fairly tame as far as violence goes.
      * I suspect that Saya's childlike design was intended to creep the player out, as opposed to the usual fucked up fetish shit, given that Fuminori even remarks that he's uncomfortable with Saya's childlike appearance. There's also less of an emphasis on sex in general compared to a lot of pornographic VNs, and it is common for some VNs to shoehorn H-scenes in just to appeal to a wider audience in Japan. And really, the idea of someone being so isolated that their only option is someone who looks like a child is a really fucked up idea in its own right. Saya no Uta's director, Gen Urobuchi, was also responsible for Madoka Magica, and is nicknamed "Urobutcher" by fans.
      * We may need to keep a running tally of how many of these games are made by pedos. Thus far, it's more than I expected (and most surprisingly, not in the games some of you expected). Current tally is Sad Satan, Your Boyfriend, Doki Doki Nightmare, Dormitabus, and the lead actor in harvester.

      Once again, it's impressive how much more I'm learning about these games despite having created the iceberg myself. You are doing a fantastic job on this and I look forward to future content.

    • Meatbug

      Yesss been waiting all week for this

    • talks sometimes

      grabbing my "before popular" card quick

    • MrVirtual

      Nice at 10pm

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