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So, clip shows. We know ‘em, we mostly don’t pay attention to ‘em because they’re usually just a means to fill episode order obligations. Most TV shows just have these recap episodes and we really think nothing of them afterwards, because they’re truly pointless in the grand scheme of the series that they typically appear in.

However, some shows try to at least have some fun with the idea of an episode that’s just a glorified highlight reel, and I think the episode that did this best was Book 3, Chapter 17 of Avatar: The Last Airbender, that being “The Ember Island Players”. Taking place at a theater on Ember Island — an island first seen in the episode “The Beach” — Team Avatar takes a break from preparing for the final battle with Fire Lord Ozai to catch a play written about their many adventures, formed from secondhand accounts of the gang by people that they met on their journey.

What ensues is a gloriously cheesy, overdramatic, and somehow both completely falsified and totally on-the-nose recap of the adventures of Aang, Sokka, Katara, Suki, Zuko, and Toph over the course of the series, as the play covers basically everything they did up until that point in the show, serving as both an effective catch-up episode before the four-part finale kicks off, and as a nice piece of introspective self-parody that very few shows are willing to do, and even fewer actually do well.

So, let’s settle in and take in some local theater, as I talk about why I think “The Ember Island Players” is perhaps the best recap episode of any show I’ve ever seen!

▶ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LwDFqsh2ZsE

▶ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dfnD9Dp0MSw

▶ “Under Her Control” (Final Fantasy VIII OST)
▶ “Gaur Plain (Night)” (Xenoblade Chronicles OST)
▶ “Meet Groose” (The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword OST)
▶ “sans.” (Undertale OST)
▶ “Fear” (Final Fantasy VIII OST)
▶ “Galbadia Garden” (Final Fantasy VIII OST)
▶ “The Salt Flats” (Final Fantasy VIII OST)
▶ “Cactus Jack (Galbadian Theme)” (Final Fantasy VIII OST)
▶ “Mall Music 3” (Dead Rising OST)

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    13 replies to "The Ember Island Players: The Best Recap Show (Avatar: The Last Airbender)"

    • Super Nerd Daniel

      Hey, everyone! Can you believe it's already August, because holy crap, *I* can't. Anyway, for my first video for this month, I decided to visit one of my favorite episodes of Avatar: The Last Airbender, "The Ember Island Players", which simultaneously acts as an effective "clip show"/recap episode AND as a fun character study through the lens of self-parody. Hopefully y'all like me rambling on for about 17 minutes about this episode, as it's honestly one of my favorites!

      Don't forget to give the video a "Like" if you liked it, leave a comment down below (even if you can't think of something for the comment question I pose at the end, just leaving a generic comment like "Hi" or something you liked about the video is just as good!), share it on your favorite social medias (and no, it doesn't matter if you don't have a ton of followers because YouTube only really cares that the link was shared somewhere else, not that it was actually watched from another site), and ring that bell to get notified when I make something new!

      Also, drink some water! It's been a pretty hot summer, y'all need to stay hydrated.

    • Viclio23

      Dude, those videos are so good. You should make more of them, keep up the good work man !

    • Rickypol 007

      Ember island is avatar the last airbender if cartoon network ran it

    • Monsoon

      Team Avatar’s reactions to the play would 100% be how they reacted to the Last Airbender movie.
      On a side note I read this one fanfic detailing a future where the Fire Nation took over the entire world, and I thought it was pretty good. It’s called “Avatar: The Fall of the Fire Empire” (for some reason I can’t post the link here without my comment vanishing but I’ve given the name in case anyone wants to read it)

    • Jacob Awsum

      Flanderization? Stupid Flanders.

    • Leah Santone

      "Flanderization," hmm… As much as I despise Western-style adult cartoons, I'm gonna have to add that one to my lexicon. I never had a word for it before, but I understood the concept. That's one reason why the series I'm working on now has generation-sized gaps between most entries; it guarantees that no character sticks around long enough to wear thin on the readers. (Plus I think it's kind of cool to see adult versions of characters that we saw come into their own as teenagers, like the cameos in The Legend of Korra.)

      But yeah, as great as ATLA is, three seasons was just the right length to tell the story that it set out to tell. Considering how many other shows I liked fell into that trap, I shudder to think of how far it could have fallen if it went on for longer…

    • Jacob Awsum

      You need more subscribers.

    • WendigoInYourLocalWoods

      Actor Zuko's hair doe.
      Edit: Yes I have wifi in your woods. I mooching off yours.

    • grekoy

      There's a spider man play?

    • Jacob Awsum

      This might be one of their best episodes.

    • Bonnie 158

      Ember island players made me laugh way harder than I though it would

    • Eric

      Why the heck the Ember Island players written by the Fire Nation just to make the gaang look bad still is more accurate then the Last Airbender movie

    • Jacob Awsum

      Hey, Daniel. Still hate sylveon?

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