In this Genshin Impact Theory I explore the scene just after completing Genshin Impact’s Mondstadt Archon questline which to me has seemed… obscure… or forgotten… left largely unexplored or maybe even ignored by many despite what appears to be the statement of one of our siblings primary objectives. That being The return of her homeland. We’ve now had 18 months of context clues which have painted that scene, AND the Gnostic Chorus in a totally different light.

#Enkanomiya #Byakuyakoku #TheGnosticChorus #Aether&Lumine

This is a two part theory, the 2nd part is currently in production. Link will be provided upon completion below:

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    11 replies to "The First Heir is attempting to raise Enkanomiya | Teyvat's Creation EXPLAINED Genshin Impact Theory"

    • Undertias

      Well… I remembered of an npc who says "Judging by your clothes, you are not of Biayouyakuku"

    • CallMeVid

      You’re explaining Greek mythology for Genshin lore but I’m just realizing how much more sense Persona makes now

    • Genesis T. Molina Vilella

      Today I learned in Genshin lore, I am an evil pearl.

    • Bloody

      OK, I've recently finished Honkai's prequel Web Comic. And honestly, wouldn't it be curious if the Will of Honkai actually looks like both Lumine and Aether? I say this because the one that shows up in the web comic, while fully white and nude like a sculpted statue, does look strikingly similar to an adult Lumine.
      That would explain a freaking lot about how Aether and Lumine can casually travel around the cosmos. Although yes, the Will of Honkai seems to keep playing this prank of showing up in a form that is similar to the one it is conversing with, Like when it pretty much cloned Otto's looks.

    • Bloody

      Instead of lumine, the princess and prince of the Gnostic Chorus looks more like the Beta version of the twins, Kate and Kevin Kaslana. AS a matter of fact that black clothing the princes is using is eerily similar to the one Kate used, except that Kate uses a version that is more in line with traveling, instead of full blown royal garments.

    • Den

      Wait wait wait- what if the first heir is the unknown goddess, because think about it she does kinda have similar features to the twins

    • Tronnyverse

      I'm conflicted cause I do like the theory, but it only works if you pay as Aether. Some of the evidence used in this video don't really work if you are playing as Lumine 😅

    • Sjmaliz M

      where is part two

    • Jules Perez

      Because both travelers are technically canon, I feel like the connection between the Mina story and the Gnostic Chorus stands but b/c the cut scene doesn’t change with Lumine as traveler nor does the book but other voice lines do change depending on the twin you choose I feel like Lumine can’t be Mina or the Gnostic princess

    • Donnjaburn

      Bro what if lumine actually bring that place back! We should be able to unlock her as a new character and she should be able to get the elements of her homeland. New elements and characters introduced… Genshin 2 coming in seven years

    • Savageshadowwolf

      Great vids, very well thought out lore

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