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    29 replies to "THE FUTURE DOES NOT LIKE YOU"

    • East African Farm Ltd

      Yo Mr Celente .. I haven’t gotten a single notification from you in like 6 MONTHS!! What the hell is going on here? 😡

    • Eduardo Gonzalez

      Deep state is preparing World War III in the background. No doubt about it. People turned down God and now we will face reality. Jesus will win at the end but there will be a lot of pain, destruction and suffering before.

    • Barbara New

      Hey super sexy🌄🌎💕

    • Jon R. Olsen

      "It's Ok to murder millions, but don't(You)get angry!"

    • smurf

      The new world order shit isn't working so the next step is a all out war.These are the serpents ruling this planet they hate us want total control and obedience.

    • John Cook

      Well roll it on then, sodium iodite might help. God helps those that help themselves. We van only hope.

    • The Lone Ranger

      3 world wars as predicted by 33rd degree freemason Albert Pike, who'd have thunk it…

    • 1plavalaguna

      100% support from Croatia

    • Nick Kautz

      Neither does the present.

    • Timotio Leal

      You are being triggered.

    • Adrian Vye

      With 80 billion the US could have fixed many if its own very serious socioeconomic problems. It could have created work for everyone and even provided Medicare. Putting strangers before one's own is a sign of mental illness and self-loathing.

    • Donald Barnes

      Since their infrastructure got hit get ready for them to hit our infrastructure.


      General will all due respect Jesus Christ said in Matthew 24 these wars would continue and things would get worse than have ever been in the world and the only way peace will come is when he returns. You're trying to argue with God and you can't do that buddy. The Prince of Peace will be the only piece you will see p e r i o d end of story and an age. Just read Matthew 24 I dare you I double dog dare you. I don't play with the churches but I've been reading the Bible for 38 years and everything Jesus and His prophets prophesied has come true even this war with Russia is in Ezekiel 38 and ultimately they're going to attack that little country in the Middle East and care rip through 2/3 of the country before God pulls them back leaving Jerusalem for Jesus to come back to. You going to believe God or you going to believe your false hopes. I'm believing God because for 38 years I've seen everything he said come to pass. More prophecies coming true right now then when Jesus walked the Earth. Go read it Gerald go read it everybody Matthew 24 Matthew 24 Matthew 24 then Ezekiel 38 and that should wake you up

    • Tony Cona

      I love to listen to Gerald Celente because he tells it like it is !!

    • Mel Jobse

      People still don’t believe the great reset is coming to destroy our lives

    • B

      Thank you Gerald for collecting and connecting "dots." Either we connect the "dots", or the MSM will do it for us.

    • B

      Cui Bono – who benefits? The master dot.

    • II__JON_SNOW__II

      They brought down the 3 buildings at WTC…. They can do anything 😂


      Financial collapse in Europe has begun I see a big pull back in spending In Ireland interest rates have went up a fill of diesel has tripled and they tell you inflation 8% BS

    • Big Ears

      Gradually it is dawning on US citizens, why so many people around the world hate the Americans.

    • Christine Dooley

      Like it or not Trump is the ONLY visible &powerful politician with a true voice and influence talking about peace. He came out today with willingness to broker a peace deal between Russia Ukraine and US. They slander him or ignore him. He deserves credit for that. No one else is doing that

    • PowerToThePeople

      The tyrants who run the US and the world are truly evil

    • BOLIS

      Love your anger gerald. Your the reason i play your voice loud af in my car so that people become aware.

    • Damian Marczewski

      USA super evil imperium

    • Jane Pizalli

      Just like Jordan Peterson says there’s a lot of Adolf Hitler and everyone in America just like there was in Nazi Germany it’s not then why do you idiots all want war why don’t you stand for peace you fools!

    • Anne Brunner

      I've never heard George Bush's pecker compared to a moth before. Rotflmao.

    • Annette Winkler

      Best works are accomplished while angry!

    • Loki

      Watch the Press Interview from 7. Febr. 2022 … was Biden said about Nordstream !

    • Rudy Hurkmans

      biden versus cia ,are criminals ,,day have blown up the nordstream pipeline ,,,sea at youtube ,,evil persons ,,,usa going down in a few years

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