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    21 replies to "The ONLY Time Darth Vader Ran From a Fight"

    • ShadowCell

      what Star system is this Earth 🌎 located 😂

    • Cal ill

      random but would’ve been so dope, idc if it’s cheesy, if he said some line to Obi wan after force crumbling the ground and lowering him and been like: Now. I, have, the high ground.

    • Submissive Memeral

      Top tier edit, Kiko and I went to the bar and made out after the fight.

    • Joshua Truby

      I empathize with his fear. It's exactly how I feel about my wife completely terrified

    • Rex Magi

      I think it's important to note he did straight-up beat her early on though, and if he wanted to, could have killed her instead of offering her a place as his apprentice. Any time where mercy is involved doesn't count as a complete loss because if his mission was to kill her point blank he could have.

    • Dominic Vaitulionis

      Who would win abaloth or celest moore

    • shaboomboomer

      if i was vader in that situation i'd go back and death star that moon without a second thought

    • QuietStorm4546

      This was a wise move for Vader to perform. Even if he had killed the Jedi and took the talisman he would be trading one dark master for another.

    • Michael Douglas

      If it was Anakin, I think he wouldn't have feared the situation. Vader has more reason to be daunted

    • Melissa Pitts

      She also turned his troops into monsters so she won by outnumbering Vader.

    • David Smith

      Never knew that Darth Vader would run away from a fight. It would be the other way around.

    • Michael Ingerslev

      I got a big problem with vaders clane to be the strongest…. He never realy do enything big or somthing only he can do…. He just a big lump of flesh and machine, that swings a lightsaber and pushes rucks/rubbels hes just that average in hes forceuse so is it that he is a bit stronger from the sute that makes him OP or dos it steem from anikans potentiale that he never achieved??

    • Joe Shmoe

      Left to die huh? In what amounts to a stasis chamber? Seems legit.

    • Joe Shmoe

      I kind of can't stand Vader, or parts of his storyline. Like he's a POS for decades, then in his final moments he "turns back to the light," lives for the next 60 seconds or so, and everything is hunky dory. He's now a light side ghost, he gets to live eternity in peace… no judgement? No repercussion? Not even a few bad dream sequences before he becomes a light side ghost? Not to mention, Anakin was/is a whiny d-bag, pretty much once he enters his mid to late teenage years, until his death as Vader. "Waaah I didn't make Jedi Master!" "Waaah Obiwan told me I can't have/do something!" "Waaah I killed all my friends and loved ones!"

      Cry more, Vader. Cry more.

    • Jonathan Raven

      Very interesting

    • Eliban Valera

      What is the biggest feat Vader has accomplished like even if it he was down bad bad

    • Joseph McCarthy

      I know that it's probably not Canon but what about Starkiller?

    • Master_Misanthrope

      In the "Imperial Empire"… you know, the one that replaced the "Republican Republic" and the "Confederate Confederacy"

    • G0DS F3AR

      Yeah I don't like this story. Vader hates himself and would love to die in battle. Especially before he found out his children survived. doesnt mesh well with his character.

    • O. Ali Aktug

      “One of the most powerful Sith Lords in the common era”. So one of the most powerful out of like 4 others? Wasn’t a whole lotta competition there lol.

    • captainjellico 1701e

      the Star Wars calendar should go by b.o.s.s before order Sixty-Six and a.o.s.s after order Sixty-Six not b.b.y

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