I actually kinda hate bugs this was truly a challenging venture.

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Chapter List:
0:00 Intro
2:02 Chapter 0: The Lesson
3:07 Chapter 1: The First Battle
8:34 Chapter 2: The Spell
13:08 Chapter 3: The Heist
16:17 Chapter 4: The Escape
19:29 Chapter 5: The Item
25:02 Chapter 6: The Skip
27:47 Chapter 7: The Entrance
31:22 Chapter 8: The Final Battle

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    18 replies to "The Pacifist Challenge – Beating Hollow Knight Without Collecting Soul [CHALLENGE]"

    • Jayne Dodd

      I think you need to look up what pacifist means. This is as laughable as MatPat from the Game Theorists calling himself a completionist while also sneering at playing any DLC. What you meant to say was this was a no soul run. You're quite literally going against the definition of pacifism from the moment you used falling stalactites to kill enemies. Which is cool and all, this is still an impressive challenge and I don't take issue with how you decide to play YOUR game. But you can't redefine words to fit your narrative. That's just called a lie. Or in the YouTube world, clickbait. Ciao.

    • Willow

      Oooh a Bench, let me just sit do… fuck.

    • David O

      Do it again but get level 4 grimmchild

    • 4foot11rat

      at 8:50 you could have used your shade to get over

    • Rich Hutter

      Man you can't argue with the gruzmother. I'm sold valid run.

    • Miranda Is Very Cool

      Babe wake up new hollow knight speedrun category dropped

    • Tem

      Trying this challenger with grubsong

    • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

      I want to attempt this

    • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

      You forget that Nail Arts don't give you soul.

    • Yong Sun

      The hit stalagtite is fine cause no one alive other then you witnessed it and there is no soul for evidence you did it

    • andrix7

      26:05 what about the entrance to the peak of the mountain? while that can be bypassed as well, i'm pretty sure it was meant to be a double jump check

    • Kain Yusanagi

      1:54 Incredibly disappointed that you didn't say, "Without hurting… a single soul" just for the dad joke potential. ;P Amazing work, Sample.

    • πš‚πš•πšŽπšŽπš™πš’ π™½πš’πšŒπšπš˜

      The heroic stench charm woulda been cracked for this run

    • Rancholotl

      The Precepts of Sample
      1. Money is Everything. You can't get Geo from killing other enemies as that would be killing.
      2. Accidents Happen. Death is an inevitability and cannot be avoided. It'd be fine to not prevent death from happening, as long as it's not death at your own hands.
      3. Always talk to Elderbug. He gets very lonely with all these runners skipping him. He needs someone to talk to!
      4. Gravity doesn't Matter. You can send spikes flying towards anything if you just hit them. No gravity needed.
      5. Free every Grub. All grubs you see have a home and a will. Free them if you can so they can live full, happy lives.
      6. You can only use glitches once. Everyone has 1 chance to use a glitch, but no more! After that, it'd be unfair to use another glitch!

    • Maximilian Cunningham

      I saw this and immediately thought "is there any way to get dream sheild, weaversong, or grim child?"

    • Capulet

      Ayy, gotta love the danganronpa music lol


      Technically you don’t kill dung defender, there is a secret room that shows that he is sleeping. Meaning he doesn’t die

    • Generic_account

      could have got the dung defender charm for more dmg just saying

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