The Rites of Pretending Tribe
by John Dimes

The children of the town of Asidelene are stricken with a bizarre sleeping sickness, save for one boy, Jarred, who does not easily succumb to the malady–for he knows its cause. It is the Pretending Tribe: Long Nails, the gentle giant with the bejewelled nails; Lord Fritter, the rascally speedster; Withershins the pickpocket; Batik, the dark lady; and their regal master Flicker, whose power alone holds sway over the minds and dreams of all the children.

Jarred is pursued by the Tribe, but is eventually, and safely companioned by several otherworldly individuals: The Lady Celeste Regent, a kindly practitioner of magic more than witch; the empathically gifted Abigail Ahern; the learned Noto Patria, and the mystical entity Mr. Home, a denizen from an eldritch and beneficial realm called Amodie Caboe, The Common Wheel.

Mr. Home and his team of fellow magicians concoct a plan to overthrow Flicker and his Pretending Tribe, but Flicker proves to be a far more cunning adversary than they ever realize, for he is a most deceptively convincing character. His powers, and his promises, are most seductive. Want to be a pirate? Want to be a knight? Want to fly? Certainly one can, if one chooses to come unto him.

Whatever, whereever, whomever one wishes to be is all there for the asking. Can all be fully realized there in slumber. All one has to do is submit to the community of dreamers, and the vastness of Flicker’s dream. No one–but no one–is ever excluded…much to everyone’s delight and detriment.

This surreal and imaginative tale whimsically explores the themes of awkward and misunderstood youth, the importance of strong familial bonds, power and its misuse, and the capacity for compassion for even the wiliest of characters.

ISBN: 978-1934135297, 228 pages

Print price: $14.99

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    • Dick Dyszel

      Oh my, what a fantasically mezermizing video! I'm impressed and I have this urge to….read the book!!!!
      Great job!

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