The 25th of July 1956, the Italian Ocean Liner the Andrea Doria collides with the Swedish Ocean Liner the MV Stockholm resulting in the sinking of the Italian vessel and a controversy that’s lasted nearly half a century. While the mystery of who is at fault remains, one thing is for certain, the rescue that ensued is nothing short of miraculous.

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The Last Voyage of the Andrea Doria by Greg King and Penny Wilson
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    • blake dismuke

      You're back

    • R Daniel

      Andrea Doria Rescue Memories

      "At least an hour after our arrival on the scene, I saw a dim form of a large ship emerging from the darkness and moving quite rapidly in our direction. There were no lights visible other than the required red and white running lights. The red lights being visible indicated that this ship was going between the "Andrea Doria" and the "Thomas." When it got into position,we could feel the vibrations as the huge ship backed down full astern and came to a stop. For a few seconds, this ship remained almost totally dark. Then, all in unison, every light on this ship must have been turned on including a huge sign in lights that read "Ile de France". At the exact same time, every lifeboat began to be lowered and touched the water at precisely the same moment. The fleet of lifeboats then began moving en masse toward the "Andrea Doria." The arrival of the "Ile de France" was like grand theatrical production. The star of the "Andrea Doria" tragedy, she announced her arrival on the scene in a grand way. It was like she was saying, "I am here and all is under control." The majority of the crew and passengers aboard the "Andrea Doria" were rescued by the "Ile de France."—
      Memories of the event by Ernest R. Melby, EM1 USN, crew member of the USNS "Private William H. Thomas.

    • 51WCDodge

      An old neighbour of mine, lost her husband on this ship.

    • John Lewis 🇺🇦

      Can you please do a video on the sinking of the SS Yarmouth Castle please

    • Mark Davis

      "so far as possible the following shall be avoided:
      (i) an alteration of course to port for a vessel forward of the beam, other

      than for a vessel being overtaken" And forever more mates are required to retake the radar test every five years.

    • magicpyroninja

      I think an international law should be passed and says if your ship has to go to rescue other people who are dying you are not eligible for any kind of a refund

    • MoonwolfeConsulting

      Your pronunciation is horrendous. Count me out as a subscriber.

    • John Collins

      This was the first time I have actually heard what happened to the Andrea Doria. Really sad about the poor girl who lost her family 🙁 but really well done video.

    • Charles Piper

      Embarrassing actions of the crew putting their safety ahead of the passengers, just like the Costa Concordia crew.

    • languageman

      Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I understand the film 'Ghost Ship', starring Gabriel Byrne, was loosely based on the story of the Andrea Doria. It's interesting to finally hear the true story. 👌

    • Hardy308

      Hats off to the doriea capt he made mistakes but he didn’t abandon the passengers man. Stared death in the face and was prepared to go down with his ship.

    • PokeyScorpion82

      Calling a ship “unsinkable” seems to be nothing but an invitation for being proven wrong, you’d think people would learn that after how many times it has happened

    • MyDaRkN3SsLiV3s

      (ship is called the Antonia Graza)

      I know it is from a movie but can you do an in-depth look at the movie "ghost ship" and how the ship became that way, a trapped floating cage for the souls trapped inside? Video in comments

    • Wright

      It always impressed me how fast the Italian Merchant Marine bounced back after WWII, in 1951 the Italian line alone Launched a Combined 81,000 GRT of new vessels, between the Doria and her two South Atlantic Cousins, the Giulio Cesare and Augustus and by 1953 had also added the Cristoforo Columbo to round out their Genoa – New York service.

      The Doria herself was unlike anything the Atlantic had seen before, where the next newest major liner, the Caronia was stuck in Cunard's pre war style, the Doria embraced the 50's with unmatched italian elegance, it brought italian design and luxury to the forefront as it ferried celebrities from new york to the Mediterranean and ushered in almost 40 years of italian dominance of "Haute Couture" that had, from the 20's until the 30's belonged to the french…

    • Paperstarzz

      The french are chill af? Damn.

    • Kaya Kappaccino

      "an unsinkable ship" oh i'm wondering where i might have heard that phrase before, any ideas?

    • Ross Brook

      This is great video, glad I have found your channel…Binge watch inbound

    • cneterer

      You said you'd be busy. You're back with a good one. Thank you so much and good luck to you in all your endeavours.

    • The Shen Partei

      Can you do titanic?

    • Lord Captain von Thrust III

      Remarkably similar to the collision between the Empress of Ireland and the Storstad.
      Expect the Empress sank in just 14 minutes on the St Lawrence River and a massive loss to life
      Keep up the good work 👍

    • straswa

      Great vid MH, rip to the fallen souls and condolences to their families.

    • R 32

      So glad I searched for your channel again randomly! Always love these videos <3

    • x10mark2

      One point to note about the andrea Doria's speed in the fog is that large ships like that become basically uncontrollable at very low speed, if they where to slow to a speed where they could stop the ship within the visibility range they would have essentially been adrift and an even greater hazard to navigation.

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